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The Perfect Palette Tag

I've seen this tag float around on youtube so thought I'd do it today because I am a big palette fan!

Question 1: Best Packaging: 
This has to go to my Charlotte Tilbury quad - I just adore the burgundy & gold packaging & think it is very luxe & sophisticated.

Question 2: Best Colour Payoff:
This was a tough one because I think that most of my palettes have good colour payoff, but I eventually settled on the Clarins Essentials Palette. I can definitely rely on these shadows to last as long as I need them to & also they are so pigmented that I don't need to use too much of the product to achieve the colour I want.

Question 3: Most Versatile:
This has to go to my beloved LORAC Pro Palette. I love the mixture of mattes & shimmers and the variety of colours  - it is not just another neutral palette.

Question 4: Best for Travelling:
I instantly thought of either my Naked 2 or Naked 3 palettes, because the packaging is so sturdy. I wish all palettes came in similar containers!

Question 5: Biggest Regret: 
I only have one and it pains me to say it because I ADORE the shadows, but it is my Cargo Vintage Palette. From day one, the packaging has been a huge disappointment. The casing came apart at the points where the magnets are and the mirror fell out as soon as I opened it!

Question 6: Best Colour Names:
I like the LORAC Pro because the names just describe the colours: cream, white, mauve, gold etc.

Question 7: Least Used: 
It is probably my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette - I do like it but think the new Naked Basics 2 would suit my colouring better.

Question 8: Most Used:
Currently it is the Maya Mia palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I would think overall it is one of my MAC 15 shadow palettes because I put them together myself & only have colours in there that suit me.

Question 9: Most Loved: 
Again, this is probably my MAC palettes because they have taken some time to fill (I still have some spaces) and I've enjoyed building them. The quality of MAC shadows is second to none.

Question 10: Desert Island:
I am going to slightly cheat on this one & say my double MAC palette because one half can hold shadows & the other can hold blush. Having said that, I wouldn't bother wearing eyeshadow on a desert island!!

So that is the end of the tag! Even though I have lots of palettes, there are always more on my list: Nars Narsissist, Marc Jacobs Lolita, Too Faced Chocolate palette & Cat Eyes palette & I would like to try a Kat Von D & Laura Mercier palette (amongst others!!).

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Fab post and some really good choices of palettes! :)


  2. Thanks for tagging me looking forward to doing this even though I don't have no where near as many palettes :D! UD Naked Basics is also my least used, even though when I bought it I was convinced I would be using it all the time x


  3. awesome picks! I totally agree with the naked 2 or 3 for traveling, but I love the shades in the first one most!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

    1. Me too - the original is my favourite & most used of the three but the packaging is awful!


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