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Wednesday 17 May 2017

REVIEW: YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

I've never really been too adventurous with my brow products, mainly relying on pencils to fill them in and just hope for the best! I'm definitely not proficient in creating the "instagram brow" but nor would I really want to be. I like some subtle definition as I find that anything too angular or dark is ageing on me but achieving the balance isn't always easy. I've never used particularly high end brow products so you can imagine my delight when YSL sent me their new Couture Beauty Brow Wardrobe. I've never had a brow "wardrobe" before so I had great fun playing with the products and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you today!

Dessin Des Sourcils: What a fancy name for an eyebrow pencil! I'm starting with my favourite product from the range. This pencil has a soft, waxy texture meaning that I can create defined brows without them looking harsh but it's not so soft that it will smudge. It has a decent spoolie on one end and I can do my brows very quickly using this pencil. The only thing that I would change is that I'd like it to be retractable to save having to use a sharpener - but that's what I'd call a first world problem! It comes in 4 shades and is priced at £21.

Couture Brow: This brow mascara is perfect for the quickest brow look - it is a tinted gel that is buildable so you can create a natural brow or build for more drama without clumping or crispy brows. It adds a little more texture to the brows and I like to pair this with the pencil for a defined, long-lasting brow. This comes in 2 shades and is priced at £22.

Couture Brow Marker: I've never used anything like this for my brows before - it has a large, angled felt-tip which looks intimidating initially but it is actually very easy to use. This is ideal to use if you have gaps in your brows or to build up the intensity of your brows and once applied, it doesn't budge at all. It is the most long-lasting brow product I have ever used - I think it would be ideal if you like to wear makeup on a sun holiday or in humid countries because you could depend on it to stay looking freshly applied all day. It comes in 2 shades and is priced at £21.

Couture Brow Palette: The final product in the brow wardrobe is this brow palette which houses 3 shades of brow powder that can be mixed to achieve your perfect brow colour. The powders are the perfect balance of firm and soft - soft enough to blend, yet firm enough to apply precisely without fear of smudging. They kick up a little bit of powder in the pan, but it's minimal. I actually really love these brow powders and I wasn't sure that I would because it's not my usual favoured method for filling in my brows. I like that I can achieve a soft look with these and I then set my brows with the Couture Brow. The palette also houses a mini angled brush and a mini tweezers. The palette itself has the stunning signature YSL packaging and is slim enough to fit in even the smallest of handbags for touch ups on the go as the mirror is a really decent size. The powders could be used as eyeshadow in a pinch so it really is a versatile and handy little palette. This comes in 2 shades and is priced at £35.

Overall, I am really impressed with all of the products. The quality and staying power is second to none and I can achieve a soft, natural brow look or a stronger, more defined brow if I want to with these products.  Obviously, not everybody has, or needs, a brow wardrobe but there is definitely a product here for everyone. If you are interested in buying any of these products or want to check out the shade range, you can do so here.

I would love to hear what your favourite product is for filling on your brows?

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