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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Youth Lab - the affordable skincare range that has wowed me!

Youth Lab is a brand that I hadn't heard of until I was contacted about it but it's one that everyone will recognise soon enough as it launched in Boots last month. As a beauty blogger, I am regularly contacted about products and brands that are new to the market or have some new releases but if a product doesn't grab my interest or it's one that I don't think I would spend my own money on, I don't accept it as it just wouldn't be fair to my readers. With that in mind, when I read about Youth Lab, I was intrigued - the brand recognises that as we age (and as a result of environmental conditions), our skin's metabolism decreases and shows signs of ageing. In order to achieve more youthful looking skin, Youth Lab has developed a line of products, each of which contains active ingredients, which aim to increase cell communication and thus the metabolism of the skin. All products are paraben, gluten and sulphate free. The reason I was very intrigued by the brand is that the products are very affordable - I wouldn't necessarily put them in the 'budget beauty' category but most products are priced at the £15-25 mark so I would say affordable rather than budget prices. I was kindly sent four products and want to share my thoughts on them with you today. For reference, I have dry skin that can be quite reactive.

Fresh Cleansing Water: I mentioned this in a post last week (here) because I'm using it on a daily basis. Micellar waters aren't the most exciting products to talk about but this is, without doubt, the best I have tried. Usually cleansing waters will either dry my skin out or leave a film on it but this does neither - my skin feels clean, soft and actually hydrated when I use this product. I have lash extensions at the moment so couldn't use a cleansing oil anyway, but even when they fall out, I will continue to use this cleansing water because I love how clean and fresh my skin feels when I use it to remove my makeup. The bottle contains 200ml, which should last a few months with daily use and it's priced at £9.50.

Daily Cleanser for Normal - Dry Skin: Of the four products I have tried, this is my least favourite but it is simply because I am not the biggest fan of cleansing gels and tend to favour a cleansing balm instead. That being said, my skin didn't react badly to this and it didn't dry my skin out, despite being foaming. If you like that extreme clean feeling that a foaming cleanser gives, then this is definitely worth trying. £11.90 for 200ml.

Oxygen Moisture Cream: This moisturiser has wowed me! Because my skin is so dry, it can be difficult for a moisturiser to impress me because, whilst some can initially make my skin feel soft and plump, that feeling doesn't always last and after a few hours, my skin can feel tight and uncomfortable again. That is not the case with this cream! The first time I used it, I actually said 'wow' and I went makeup free so that I could really judge it. It has made its way into my daily skincare routine and I am delighted to have found an effective moisturiser for under £20! My skin is soft, plump and generally looks youthful and feels comfortable. It doesn't feel greasy or look shiny and is just an all round winner for me! £19.90 for 50ml.

Cleansing Radiance Mask: This mask is described as being for all skin types and I have to say that I agree. It deeply cleanses the skin, refines the pores and also plumps and adds moisture at the same time. I apply it for 15 minutes and it doesn't dry out completely so you don't get that uncomfortable feeling but when it is removed, the skin is left feeling smooth and soft and looking bright. The perfect 'pick me up' mask for all skin types. £15.90 for 50ml.

Overall, this brand has really wowed me and I'm delighted to have been introduced to it. My friend Yiota has raved about their CC cream so that is next on my 'to try' list! Shop Youth Lab at Boots. If you are looking for some new skincare products and don't want to break the bank, I would highly recommend checking this range out. I know I'll be repurchasing some of the products, for sure!

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