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Monday 29 July 2019

L'Occitane limited edition Verbena range - the perfect morning pick me up products!

L'Occitane limited edition Verbena range Review

Yesterday's post was all about how to get a good night's sleep but today I'm sharing products that will really help to get you going in the mornings. The L'Occitane verbena range has some new additions for summer and they are the perfect revitalizing, pick me up products.  I dare you to smell these products and not feel more motivated and alive!

Citrus Verbena Refreshing Shower Gel: I first used this shower gel around 13 years ago and the scent is still as invigorating now as it was back then. This combines citrus notes with verbena to create an uplifting, refreshing scent. There are little microbubbles suspended throughout the shower gel, which make it look like a fizzy drink. What I really love about L'Occitane shower gels is that a little goes a long way and although they lather well, they don't strip the skin or leave it feeling parched. This is the perfect product to start your day with because the scent awakens the senses. 

Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Pulp: Again, this has a 'get up an go' scent, which is perfect for morning use. as it also includes some mint. I love that this is in a tube so I can be sure to squeeze every last drop out. The texture of this scrub is actually quite creamy and the exfoliating granules are quite gentle so although this will get rid of rough and dry skin, there is no chance of it tearing the skin as it's not overly abrasive. For me, this is ideal to use in the shower 2/3 times weekly, alternating with a tougher exfoliant once a week to ensure that elbows, knees, ankles etc are thoroughly smooth.

Citrus Verbena Refreshing Water Gel: This product was a God send during the very hot days we had recently! Because of the gel texture, it feels instantly cooling on the skin and even moreso when kept in the fridge. It has the classic zingy, uplifting scent that this range is known for but it feels even more invigorating because it is so cooling on the skin - perfect to apply after a shower when you don't want to use a lotion or cream but still need to moisturise.

Verbena Frappé Body Cream: Another product, which can be stored in the fridge to enhance the experience is this body cream. Ideal for those with very dry skin who prefer a cream to a gel, with the same invigorating scent, this product really nourishes the skin but has a light texture that absorbs quickly. I find that layering products with the same scent makes it last longer and I want this scent to last for hours as it really does make me feel fresh and clean - perfect on hot summer days!

Verbena Sorbet Eau De Toilette: As refreshing as a mojito, this fragrance combines the classic zesty verbena with cool mint to create the ultimate in invigorating scents. It isn't too sharp, as it also contains musk and has a hint of woodiness, but is definitely zingy and refreshing and is the perfect final step in this summer morning routine.

The combination of these products definitely put a pep in my step in the morning and help me to feel cooler and less hot and bothered on the hot summer days that we have been having (which I am most definitely not complaining about!). I couldn't think of a more invigorating range f products and I look forward to the additions to the range every summer.

Do you like citrus scents? Have any of these caught your eye? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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