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Friday, 10 April 2020

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review

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I have been a huge fan of Michelle Regazzoli-Stone (a.k.a. MRS Makeup) for a good number of years. I first heard of her when she did Rosanna Davison's wedding makeup (former Miss World) in 2014, which was when she first came to prominence. I remember contacting her and I can't remember if it was on facebook/instagram or an email to ask about a lip combo that she was wearing in a photo and was shocked when she replied because many people don't. What I love about Michelle and what I think made so many other people love her and want to follow her (apart from her obvious talent), is that she has always remained grounded and hardworking. She loves what she does and that comes across in her instastories and videos. She's very talented yet very relatable, talking about the ups and downs of life. Ok, enough gushing but I guess I just love very 'real' people! For years, I've wondered why she hadn't released any makeup products but she was just waiting for the perfect time and opportunity and I knew that she wouldn't just churn out a product - like Tati's palette, (which I reviewed here), she wouldn't release something until it was perfect. What is so disappointing is that the launch coincided with Covid 19, which means that her launch party and all of her in store promotions had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, these things happen in life and instead of moping, Michelle got all glammed up and celebrated the launch in her house with her family. Now on to the palette itself - does it live up to the Showstopper name?

I pre-ordered the palette because I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It was housed in a box with padding that wasn't excessive, but enough to ensure no damage to the outer packaging or shadows/powders inside. In the accompanying leaflet, Michelle explained that she wanted to create a palette that could be used by both experienced makeup artists but also makeup enthusiasts, which is something I appreciate because I love makeup but certainly am no artist - I know what suits me but couldn't do another person's face!

The glitter you see on the outer packaging is real - not just glitter effect and yet, it doesn't seem to just leave a trail of sparkle everywhere - it's sturdy as well as being glam and I like the silver and blush pink combo. Inside is a large mirror, 25 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 contour/bronzer and 2 blushes. It's a wow palette as there are mattes, glitters, shimmers, a cream eyeshadow and more, all in a variety of shades which can be used to create countless looks. I love the layout of the shadows.

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches

The first column of shadows is Mrs Loves, (names are all based around Michelle's holiday loves).

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches
All swatches are unedited. From top to bottom: Ibiza, St. Tropez, Rosé, Disco, Sunburn.

The second column is Workers and is comprised of shades that could be worn day to day to create a neutral look.

Swatches unedited. From top to bottom: Game Changer, Swizz, Tash, Hollywood, Doll.

The third column is Mrs Glam - the name speaks for itself!

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches completely unedited. From top to bottom: Marble, Mahogo, Dream, Orchid, Silver Lining.

The fourth column is Vibes, which contains shades that could take you from day to night.

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches completely unedited. From top to bottom: Peony, Sisters, Boy Mom, Goalz, Ruby.

The fifth column is Mrs Bride as Michelle is renowned for her bridal makeup.

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches completely unedited. From top to bottom: Silver Base, Gold, Rose Gold, Morganite, Platinum.

Mrs Glam Showstopper Palette Review & Swatches
Top to bottom: Rosie, Showstopper, Sunrise and Sunset,

On the left of the palette is a blush called Rosie, named after Rosanna Davison as that's when she got her big break and this is a beautiful bright pink with a subtle coral undertone. The formula is absolutely buttery soft, very pigmented, a dream to apply and blend. You can build it or just get a flush of colour with a light hand. Below that is Showstopper - a stunning champagne-gold highlight that is also of that buttery soft texture and works so well with the blush but also over it. STUNNING!

On the right hand side of the palette, is a deep peach blush with a gold sheen running through it and below that is a bronzer that can be used to add definition and colour to the face. Because the formula is so beautifully soft, there is no chance of muddiness or patchiness with any of these four products.

The glitters (I find) are best applied with your finger, but you will achieve full opacity. The mattes are just an absolute dream to blend and the metallics apply very smoothly, which is very important when your lids are less than firm!

This really is a showstopper palette and I think it's really good value for the price of 39.95/£34.95, considering the amount of product in it and it is available for worldwide delivery here. Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of high end beauty brands, particularly Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona but this one is right up there beside them in terms of quality. It is also equally as beautiful as Tati's palette!.

I know that not everyone is buying beauty products at the moment, but if you are, you cannot go wrong with this palette! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! 

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