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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Marc Jacobs Lolita palette - a dreamy palette!

Eyeshadow palette addicts unite & take a look at one of the most stunning palettes you'll have ever seen! I'm talking about the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Plush Eyeshadow Palette in The Lolita to give it its correct title. I first heard about this product about 18 months ago & I thought that it was absolutely beautiful, but it is not sold in Ireland so I thought I had no chance of getting my hands on it unless I went to the States. I had kind of resigned myself to not owning it any time soon & tried to put it to the back of my mind telling myself that I didn't actually need another eyeshadow palette, let alone another neutral one, however I knew that if the opportunity to own it ever came my way, I would pounce on it! That is exactly what I did when I saw it on Rose's Beauty Store. Now this palette is definitely not cheap, so I did hesitate (for all of 10 seconds!), but decided to take the plunge anyway because I had wanted it for so long and when it arrived (around 9 days after despatch), I was delighted I had ordered it.

The palette comes in a little pouch to protect it and the palette exterior is glossy black, with a small silver button clasp that you press to open. Inside is a long mirror that fills the inside lid and there are 7 eyeshadows. They are a mixture of mattes, shimmers & a glittery metallic. The shadows are described as follows:

  • matte off-white cream
  • matte nude
  • matte dark coffee brown
  • matte warm pink
  • iridescent champagne pink sheen
  • light peach sheen
  • rosy copper sheen

From the first swatch, I could see that the shadows are very pigmented and when I started to apply them, I found them an absolute dream to blend. The metallic shadow in the centre of the palette is the one that my eye was drawn to instantly, yet it is my least favourite shadow to use because there is quite a bit of fallout which is disappointing.

The shadows themselves are very similar to some MAC shadows that I have : Brule, Cork, Mulch and Woodwinked, in particular. So if you already own a lot of palettes, you don't need this but that doesn't mean that I am not glad I bought it because I really am. I love the sleek and luxurious packaging & it is so slim, it would be perfect for travelling & the shadows all complement each other so well and the texture of them is beautiful & easy to work with. I am glad I ticked it off my wishlist but due to the cost, I will abstain from looking at any other products in the range ............ famous last words!

Have you tried any Marc Jacobs Beauty products?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. The Marc Jacobs palettes look so luxurious and beautiful. This one especially has some gorgeous shades in it and the fact that they are neutral means you will most definitely get a lot of use from them (making it worth the splurge right haha it's like I'm trying to convince myself here) x

    Beauty with charm

  2. There's always a justification when you're trying to convince yourself! I do really love this palette & I just try not to think of the cost! xx

  3. I've seen Fleurdeforce mention this a few times. Wanted to try it after she mentioned she used it on her wedding day, so I thought it must be good! I'd have to order from Sephora to get it though and it's pricey. Glad to hear it's so good x

  4. It's a pity they don't sell the products in the UK! The taxes on Sephora orders are off-putting! xx

  5. Im thinking how gorgeous is this.. so I click on the link. Ouch £55 , but you did say it wasn't cheap. I will need to start looking for codes and discounts.

  6. If you know anybody visiting the US, it's cheaper over there! xx

  7. There's not a shade in there you wouldn't use! Next time I know someone going stateside! Xx

  8. The glittery shadow is the only disappointing one but I'll still use it! Definitely worth snapping up if you can get it in the US! xx


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