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Thursday, 19 November 2015

My current most worn eyeshadow palettes featuring Zoeva, Too Faced & Charlotte Tilbury

I am a self-confessed palette addict and have so many that I sometimes forget what I have and just use my most recent purchase so I have started to make more of an effort to rotate them and today I am sharing with you the four that I am reaching for most often at the moment.

One of my favourite palettes ever is Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. At €47, it is definitely not the cheapest palette on the market, but it is absolutely heavenly. Not only does it smell of chocolate, but the shadows are so easy to work with. There are 16 shadows in this palette; a mixture of matte, shimmers and some glitters. All are very wearable and all have that buttery texture that makes them an absolute dream to blend. They are very pigmented and at this time of year, I am particularly drawn to Creme Brulee, Gilded Ganache, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Semi-sweet, but really I love them all! I love the sturdy packaging and the fact that it looks like a big chocolate bar! This would make a perfect gift for any make-up lover this Christmas.

At the other end of the spectrum, both in terms of colour and price, is the Zoeva En Taupe palette. This palette is priced at €22.80, which is a bargain given the quality of the shadows. The packaging is cardboard and it is a very slim palette, which makes it perfect for travelling. It doesn't contain a mirror, but that is not something that particularly bothers me and I would prefer to have it at this price, without a mirror than more expensive with one. This palette contains 10 cool toned shadows and the pigmentation of the shadows is excellent. They aren't quite as buttery as the Too Faced shadows but they are still easy to work with with very little fall down or kickback in the palette. If you prefer warm tones, then check out their Cocoa Blend Palette. I am seriously impressed with both Zoeva palettes and need to try their brushes next as they are very raved about in the beauty world.

Next onto two luxury quads. Both are from Charlotte Tilbury and both cost €50. They are definitely the most expensive eyeshadows I own, given that there are only 4 shadows in them but I absolutely love them. I have Golden Goddess and The Dolce Vita.

Golden Goddess was my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase and I fell in love as soon as I opened it & even more deeply when I swatched it. I love how Charlotte has designed the quad and how it has a step by step guide on the back showing in which order to apply the shadows: starting in the top left & working clockwise, she suggests that the are used in the following way: Prime, Enchance, Smoke and Pop. The shadows are easy to work with, very buttery, apart from the Pop shade, which is a little grittier in texture. I don't always wear all four at once; sometimes using just two of them or even just the enhance shade as a one wash lid colour. The packaging is beautiful - I love the burgundy with her CT monogram in rose gold.

The Dolce Vita is even better in terms of texture because the Pop shadow is less gritty. I adore the rust colour of the Enhance shadow and using all four shades created the perfect party look for the upcoming season. Again, the shadows are extremely pigmented and easy to work with. Any of Charlotte Tilbury's quads or anything from her make-up collection would be the ultimate luxury gift for any make-up lovers this Christmas! Next on my list is Vintage Vamp. (I wouldn't recommend her skincare though! See here and here for my reviews.)

I'd love to know if you have used any of these palettes/quads and what your thoughts are on them. I'd also love to hear what your current favourite eyeshadows are? Please tell me in the comments below!

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