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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Happy St Patrick's Day! Irish brands that you need to know about.....

Irish brands that you need to know about, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair Care, Crystals & Co, Irish brands, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, SOSU by SJ, Spotlight

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Happy St Patrick's Day! You can call it Paddy's Day but whatever you do, don't call it St. Patty's Day - nobody in Ireland would accept that! Given the day that it is, I wanted to talk to you about five Irish brands that you need to know about (if you don't already!). Over the past few years, there have been so many new Irish brands emerging and although I haven't tried all of them (it would be impossible), I want to share five that have really impressed me and that those from other countries should get to know and try, if possible!

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair Care: Andrew is Irish, based in Los Angeles, and is hairdresser to some of the Jenner/Kardashian family. He recently teamed up with Penneys (in Ireland)/Primark (in the UK) to create a line of hair products. So many products sold out almost instantly but I managed to get my hands on his dry shampoo and some no mark hair clips. There is so much more to his range, from electrical products to shampoos/conditioners, styling products and accessories and I plan on trying more when I can get out and about again! The no mark hair clips are something that I have wanted for ages because I don't like when I get little kinks in my hair at the front after I go to the effort of blow-drying it. I always like to keep my hair off my face completely when applying makeup but also when doing my skincare routine and these keep it kink-free. His Fresh Dry Shampoo is so aptly named because as soon as I sprayed it in my hair, my first thought was 'oh it smells so fresh and clean'. I have been really ill over the past few weeks and have been getting regular salon blowdries and using lots of dry shampoo in between. Every time I go, I apologise in advance to the girl washing my hair about the amount of dry shampoo in my hair and the last time (when I had been using Andrew's dry shampoo), she said that it didn't feel like it. It definitely doesn't give that powdery feel that a lot of other dry shampoos do and whilst it is white when first sprayed, the colour disappears when I brush my hair. It is the best budget dry shampoo that I have tried and it makes me excited to try the rest of his range!

Sculpted by Aimee Connolly: I really admire Aimee, as not only is she a very talented makeup artist but she is also a very savvy business woman. She started her brand in late 2016 and every product she releases is hit after hit. There are so many products to try but I would recommend starting with Beauty Base (currently reduced on Beauty Bay), which is a primer that is packed with hyaluronic acid and also has SPF 30. It leaves skin plump, soft and bright/radiant without having a fake pink/pearlescent look. There is absolutely no compromise on quality on both the product itself or the packaging. This is a brand that I will definitely be exploring more. The products are available for international delivery.

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson:  Suzanne started her brand with nail polishes before moving on to lashes but it was when she moved into the world of makeup, that it really started to thrive. She spent a long time developing her perfect tan, which is available in a range of shades and also mousse or lotion formulas with a mist for the face. What I particularly like about the tan (apart from the fact that it gives me a 'natural, yet just home from a sun holiday look') is that it feels hydrating, lasts a good 5/6 days, fades evenly and doesn't require a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the final stains when I want to re-tan. The face tan gives a really even, natural colour and I absolutely love it because I mist a few nights weekly and wake to a golden look - not even a hint of oompa loompa in sight!! Available from Beauty Bay for international delivery.

Spotlight Teeth Whitening: I think I've mentioned these teeth whitening strips on the blog previously because I have been using them for around three years. The brand was developed by two female dentists who wanted to create whitening strips that were safe, yet effective. They started with these strips, which I used for two weeks initially and saw a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I don't drink red wine, tea or coffee and neither do I smoke but I did find taking antibiotics for long periods (particularly Rifampicin) had stained my teeth. I had previously tried Crest strips and while they did work, they make my teeth very sore and sensitive so when I heard about this range, I decided to give it a go. I used them without telling anyone close to me to see if they would notice a difference and my husband said it to me after around a week. After the two week period, it gave me great confidence with my smile and I now use them maybe twice yearly, for a week, as a top up.  I have never experienced any tingling or pain when using them. Since developing the strips, they have now added toothpaste, mouth wash and toothbrushes to their line. They are very environmentally friendly, with their toothpaste tubes being the world's first ever 100% recyclable tube. All products are vegan and cruelty free. The products are available for international delivery.

Crystals & Co: I have mentioned this brand a few times on the blog and with good reason. The quality of the jewellery is excellent but without the high price tag of Monica Vinader jewellery, for example but they also won't tarnish as the prices are mid-range. I love the Jodie Wood collection because I've had some Evil Eye jewellery on my wish list for so long but I also love the crystal initial necklaces they sell. The products are available for international delivery.

An emerging brand that is definitely one to watch is Mrs Glam, who is releasing her Showstopper Palette this week (although I availed of the pre-order). Michelle is a fantastic makeup artist who has painted many famous faces, is extremely hard-working and is also a beacon of positivity so I am really delighted for her to have her own palette. I will be reviewing it in the coming weeks when I've had a good play. It's available for international delivery.

Thanks for reading! 

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