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Sunday 28 June 2020

Has lockdown made you reassess how much you spend on professional beauty treatments?

Has lockdown made you reassess how much you spend on professional beauty treatments?, Beauty treatments after lockdown

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I must admit that the first person I'd like to see after lockdown is completely lifted (and when safe to do so), is my hairdresser! I don't think that I'm too high maintenance in the beauty treatment stakes - I have only ever had my nails done twice in my life - just after we got engaged and for our wedding, and even then it was just a french manicure - no gels, acrylics, powders or whatever other form they come in! I can't remember the last time I went for a facial or a spray tan, but I do get waxed - purely because I don't think I could do that to my delicate parts myself! I also used to get my brows done, but this will now change......

Lockdown and not being able to avail of treatments, made me realise that I really can do a lot of beauty treatments at home and it really isn't necessary to always pay someone to do something for you. Sure, it's a nice treat, but ultimately, not necessary - apart from getting my hair done. I could even live without my lash extensions if I had to and am actually quite used to the natural lash look now (thanks to my Revitalash Serum). 

I know that hairdressers don't recommend using a home dye so I bought Colour Wow Root Cover Up enter the code LYMIN at checkout to save 20%, but that was before I realised that it would be almost 4/5 months between salon visits so I then bought a home dye to colour my roots. I'm sure that by the time I see my hairdresser, she will have expected me to have done that! I am so looking forward to a good cut and getting some balayage, just to switch it up a bit as that was the appointment I had booked for early April!

In terms of my brows, I have to say that I LOVE doing them myself Hollywood Brow Perfector to tidy them up - so much easier and quicker than tweezing or waxing and I tint them using Eylure Pro Brow Dybrow, which is so much easier than you might think. Always do the allergy text first around 24 hours beforehand, just in case! I mix some dye cream with the activator and apply to one brow at a time. It says to use a barrier cream around the brow first but I don't have any so I have a wet Q tip ready to tidy up any mistakes. I use a mini flat head eyeshadow brush to apply, rather than the spoolie supplied a I find it gives a more even finish. I then use a damp cotton wool pad to remove after 2/3 minutes. If I feel it's gappy or could do with being a little darker, I can re-apply but I generally get it right first time now! For this reason, I don't know if I'll bother paying to get my brows done again, unless it was Phi Brows, but even they fade and need topping up and are expensive to begin with!

I don't usually go for facials these days but I have bought a voucher for a hydrafacial as that isn't something I can replicate at home myself. Maybe after that I'll be hooked but I have amazing products in my collection so it's not a habit I think I'll take up.......let's see on that one! With a lot of facials, it's the just the extra massage element that feels lie a treat so I'm not wasting money on treatments unless the actively make a difference to my skin.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not waxing my bits myself - that's just a step too far for me! I bought a voucher to support my local salon while it was closed and am very much looking forward to having that done when they re-open. The only other treatment that I paid for pre-lockdown is my lash extensions, which I probably will get again, although not as frequently as I'm just not leaving the house at the minute and lash extensions and pyjamas wouldn't be the best combination. My GP has said it will take a "long, long" time for me to recover so until I'm leaving the house at least once a week, I'm not getting my lashes done!

Other than that, I'm happy to continue doing my own tanning and nails. I don't mind re-painting my nails every week as I find it relaxing and I have quite strong nails so would never want to risk getting something done that might damage or weaken them.

How about you? Do you think you might take a natural approach to beauty maintenance after lockdown or will you be the first person in the salon the first day it opens?! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! 

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