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Thursday 3 June 2021

Small touches that can make your bedroom feel more cosy and welcoming


Small touches that can make your bedroom feel more cosy and welcoming
Anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

Our bedrooms should be our havens - a clean and tidy room is so much more restful and conducive to a good night's sleep , which is why I always like to keep our room tidy and do regular declutters, so that there is a spot for everything. I can't stand clutter as I just can't relax if it's there (which is why I unpack and put washing on the same day we get home from holiday, and even put my Christmas presents away on the 26th at the latest!). My husband is pretty neat too, but would probably be a bit more relaxed about organisation if it weren't for me. I think it comes from years of being ill and needing a clean, tidy and fresh smelling space to be able to relax and recuperate in. I'm not here to do a Mrs Hinch or a Marie Condo, but I do have a few small tips, which will make your bedroom feel more welcoming, which I'm going to share with you today.

Room Spray: Scent plays a big part for me in terms of relaxing and I use a combination of products, or sometimes just one - depending on my mood. If you come home from work and find that your room is stuffy from having the window closed all day, a few quick spritzes of room fragrance make a big difference. I have two that I love - Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia, which smells like a fresh Spring day, and Woods Of Windsor Lavender Room Spray* (also available in rose scent), which instantly de-compresses and relaxes me. Neither are too potent, that you feel like you are spraying perfume, yet they really do leave the room with a waft of scent. Even if you aren't overly keen on lavender, this spray is mixed with musk, chamomile and patchouli, which softens it, and is perfect to spray in the room an hour or so before going to bed.

Diffuser: I am addicted to my Neom Wellbeing Pod Diffuser, because I can add oils to suit my mood on any particular day, but if there is a scent that you know you love, a regular diffuser, which is refillable is a great option too. I personally wouldn't go with anything too potent in a bedroom, as it's meant to be a calm area. It's quite pricy, but if it isn't already reduced, you can dave 20% on Look Fantastic by using the code LYMIN.

Peace Lily, Small touches that can make your bedroom feel more cosy and welcoming

Peace Lily to absorb toxins: Since Covid happened, I've been looking for something that will absorb the toxins in the air (I know that an onion cut in half can do this, but that's not a scent I want in my bedroom!). My mother gave me a Peace Lily, which would also be perfect for an office. They don't take much work - you just spritz the leaves and check the soil once a week to see if it needs a drink, rather than automatically doing it on a weekly basis. It's also a plant that you can divide and produce more to put in every room n your house, but also to give to friends and family. Low maintenance and they look pretty - what's not to love?

Pillow Spray: I've mentioned pillow sprays on countless occasions, because I've been using them for around eight years and couldn't sleep without one now! I have so many that I love - REN, This Works, Susanne Kauffman, Therapie Roques O'Neill, Neom and more! If you have trouble sleeping, I would highly recommend trying one.

Drawer liners: Finally, something that is old school but making a comeback! Scented drawer liners really remind me of my childhood as my mother used to put them in our chest of drawers! Woods Of Windsor* sell packs of 5 for £8.00, in True Rose, Bergamot & Neroli, and Lavender Scents. I was kindly sent the True Rose ones and I love them! I have them in my underwear drawers and also a large drawer that holds casual tops. I love the scent when I open the drawer. I kept them for my drawers as I'm not sure my husband would appreciate them! These would make a gorgeous gift. I'm going to order some for my mother and my niece, as she is preparing for her new bedroom in her new house soon and these will be a nice added touch.

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of relaxing scents in the bedroom - whether you only use the room at night, or if you're in bed ill, I bet if you introduce some of these products, you will find that they really make it feel more relaxing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts? Is your bedroom an oasis of calm?

Thanks for reading!

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