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Friday 10 December 2021

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2021
None of these items were gifted to me (I wish!)

In case you couldn't already tell, I'm a huge fan of Christmas, and an even bigger fan of Christmas shopping! This is my eighth gift guide this year, and not my last, but don't worry, there's just one more to come after this! Today, I'm focusing on luxury products - bags, shoes and accessories. I'm not talking Chanel or Dior (although, I wouldn't say no!), so in comparison to those brands, some of these may seem relatively reasonable! I have products for those who are starting out with their collection, right up to handbags, so depending on your budget, hopefully you'll find something for your loved one (or yourself), and if I have any discount codes, I will include them! It is definitely worth installing Karma, as it automatically searches the net for discount codes for you, plus you can earn money on some sites, which you can withdraw to your PayPal account.


Card holder: I find a card holder so convenient, because I tend to use small handbags, and they obviously don't take up very much room. They hold around six cards (more than ample), and there's a slot in the middle, where you can store a note in case there is somewhere that will only accept cash (not many nowadays!). These are a great entry point into a designer collection and the quality is excellent. A Ladylike Lifestyle is giving away a YSL card holder when she reaches 1000 YouTube subscribers, so check her out here. I have had this Gucci one for over two and a half years and it still looks like new!

Wallet: If the person you are buying for prefers to carry both cash and cards, and likes space for receipts etc, then a wallet is a good option. I like the padding on this Saint Laurent wallet and I think the black and gold combination is classic. It takes up more space in my bag, but it still isn't too cumbersome.

Sunglasses: Finally, you can't beat a good pair of sunglasses, as they can be worn all year round! I would go for a classic style, like these Celine ones. When buying for somebody else, try to pick a style similar to what they usually wear, as that will suit their face shape.


Clutch: If the person you are buying for goes out a lot, or to a lot of events where they need to dress up, then a clutch is a great bag to have, and is also an entry level price. I love the Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch, as it is reasonably priced, in comparison to wallets on chains (you can buy a chain on Etsy), and holds just enough for a night out.

Shoulder Bag: Not everyone will love a shoulder bag, especially if they have memories of carrying heavy school bags, and wrecking their shoulders, but they are classics that can be worn day and night. Plus, you won't be carrying a bag of books, like you did in school! Saint Laurent Loulou Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag is a stunning option. It is available in three sizes, has a leather strap where it sits on the shoulder, can be worn crossbody, as a short (underarm) should bag, by using both straps, or as a longer shoulder bag, using the strap at its full length. It holds a lot and has a zip divider in the middle, so that you can keep your items organised.

Crossbody bag: Personally, I love a crossbody bag and my first designer bag was the Gucci Soho Disco, which was released around five years ago, but is still in great demand. It's simple, understated and beautiful. It has two small inside pockets (for a cardholder and small phone or compact), and it fits everything I need - hand sanitiser, hand cream, some makeup, my phone, and keys, with room to spare. I love this particular bag so much, that I have it in two colours. Saint Laurent do gorgeous crossbody bags too, as do lots of other brands, but I love the simplicity of these, plus the length of the strap, which is adjustable.

Tote Bag: Not everyone needs a tote bag,, but freelancers who carry their laptop around, or students, who need to carry a lot (not that I'd have had a designer bag as a student!), would find them very useful. They're also perfect for travelling, as you can get a lot into the bag! The most popular totes are probably the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, however I am not a fan of the LV logo, so I have a Saint Laurent one, which I'd really recommend. It carries a lot, and also has a pouch attached, which you can put a phone, cardholder etc in, as the closure on the bag is a button, rather than a zip. Valentino also have gorgeous ones, and you can often find a discount on those, whereas it's more difficult with Saint Laurent these days.


Boots: Obviously, you need to know the shoe size of the person you're buying for, plus I'd recommend keeping the receipt as some designer brands can be a little smaller than high street shoes, in my opinion. Stuart Weitzman is a brand that everyone associates with their over the knee boots, but they are worth checking out for other styles, as they are so comfortable. I was lucky enough to receive these pearl detail ones last Christmas. Nicholas Kirkwood is another brand that I recommend for comfort.

Sandals: Not the most practical at this time of year, but some people still wear them on a night out. I find Valentino block heel sandals extremely comfortable, which is something that's important to me. If you're looking for glam car to bar shoes, try Christian Louboutin, which I have heard aren't the most comfortable, however some of them look stunning!

Trainers: I don't know if Veja fall into the designer category, but I have three pairs, because I love them so much and find them so comfortable! I have heard people say that you need to break them in, but I haven't found that. They run a little big, but I'd still recommend buying your regular size. I think that Golden Goose would fall into the designer category, and I have one pair that are supremely comfortable. Most people go for the battered looking trainers, but I really don't like those, so I went for the Pure Star version, which look new when you buy them - it's just a matter of personal taste!

That's everything that I would recommend. You could go higher end, or even start with a scarf, or designer hair clip - the choices are endless. It's all a matter of budget and taste!

Has anything here caught your eye for your wish list, or to buy for a loved one? I'd love to hear!\

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Thanks for reading!

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