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Monday 1 February 2016

Top five facial mists featuring Clinique, Omorovicza, Tatcha and Pixi

Ooh, I love a good facial mist! I like to use them to rehydrate after my acid toner, but also before and after I apply my make-up and to refresh my face during the day. Today I am going to share my favourite mists and why I love them - all are focused on hydration rather than pro-longing make-up wear time.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist: What can I say about this that I haven't already said?! How many ways can I express my love for it? This is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin types, but also those with normal skin. It adds hydration, glow, luminosity and dewiness - everything I crave! It really is like a soft-focus filter for your face and it gives a very fresh and youthful look to the skin. I love to apply this as the very final step in my make-up routine and it is perfect for refreshing make-up during the day. I love the packaging, although because it is a glass bottle it isn't the most handbag-friendly product due to its weight. It is also beautiful when applied to bare skin to perk up a no make-up day. Love, love, love this product & I hope I don't finish it before I get to the U.S. this summer where I will definitely be stocking up!

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray: I absolutely love using this after my acid toner. It doesn't just refresh and isn't just like a water spray - it actually adds moisture to the skin making it more comfortable and hydrated. It is very refreshing and is perfect to use on non-make-up days to rehydrate the skin if it's feeling dry or as the first step in your make-up routine to prep the skin and I also really love to put it in the fridge during the summer for a pick me up on hot and humid days. This has become a firm favourite and I have re-purchased 3 or 4 times already.

Pixi Glow Mist: I really like Pixi products - I think they perform really well at a pretty affordable price and this is no exception. This is similar to the Tatcha spray but a little oilier (it contains 13 natural oils) so I would err on the side of caution if you have combination or oily skin. I use this mainly to refresh my make-up if I feel it looks a little too matte or cakey in certain areas. It definitely adds a glow and refreshes make-up and would be a good budget and easier to access alternative to the Tatcha spray, although I prefer the effects of the Tatcha spray.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: This is a very hydrating spray and like the Clinique one, you can feel it moisturising the skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, a favourite ingredient for those with dry and dehydrated skin and when I use this, it makes my skin very comfortable and hydrated. I use it in the same way as the Clinique one, after my acid tone and before my serum. You need to shake the bottle well before spraying and hold a few inches from the face. It feels very refreshing and soothing and is perfect to pop in your handbag for on the go hydration - perfect if you work in an office with air-conditioning.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist: This is a truly beautiful product. It has a very faint floral scent and is very light on the skin. When I use this, my skin feels very revitalised and nourished. I use it after my acid tone and love that it has a very fine spray. It could be used throughout the day to refresh the skin but I personally don't use it in this way purely because it is so expensive and I have other, more affordable sprays that I can use in that way. Like other Omorovicza products, it contains Hungarian Thermal Water and this makes it perfect for sensitive of reactive skin because it is so soothing. I absolutely love every product that I have used from Omorovicza so far and just wish they weren't so pricey!

Are you a fan of facial mists? Have you used any of these? I'd love to know what your facial mist is - please tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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