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Friday 5 February 2016

REVIEW: Irresistible Me Diamond Styling Iron

For most people (myself included) the brand Irresistible Me is most often associated with their great range of hair extensions. I've seen so many great reviews on blogs recently but I personally don't wear extensions, so when the lovely Blair from the marketing department of Irresistible Me contacted me about trying something else from the brand, I decided to try the Diamond Styling Iron. I have been using this for around a month now and am ready to share my thoughts on it with you today. So let's get started!

As you can see from the picture, the box was slightly damaged when it arrived but the product itself was completely undamaged. The iron itself is extremely lightweight - much lighter than the GHD. I was so surprised by this but it doesn't feel flimsy at all so there is no compromise on quality. Irresistible Me say in their description that this flat iron different from its competitors due to the ceramic plates being coated with DIAMOND Hi-Tech, which coats the plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline. This protects the hair and locks in the hairs natural oils and colour, which should result in shiny, frizz free hair. Loving the sound of this, I was excited to roadtest it to see if it lived up to expectations! 

First things first - if you live outside of the U.S. then you will need to buy an adaptor because there is a U.S. plug on it. A simple note, but worth telling you so that you can order one if you wish to buy this straightener either for yourself or as a gift.

Apart from being lightweight, the next thing I noticed is that the cord is long so your plug socket doesn't need to be right beside your mirror, and also that the cord swivels in all directions, which is particularly useful when curling your hair.

Once you turn the styling iron on, there are three levels to choose from depending on the thickness of your hair (1 for fine hair, 2 for medium or normal hair and 3 for thick or coarse hair). It heats to a maximum of (450F/230C) and does so very, very quickly, which is a real bonus if you are in a hurry! Also, it turns itself off after 30 minutes, which is a fantastic safety feature because lots of people are guilty of leaving their hair straightener plugged in on at least one occasion (myself included!).

I have to tell you that there is no doubt that this will get your hair impeccably straight and it doesn't tug on the hair at all. It also leaves hair frizz-free. When I first used it, I was seriously impressed at how straight my hair was - I have naturally wavy hair. However, no matter what products I used before or after styling (and I tried so many different ones and also without any product), my hair didn't stay straight and the next day would need to be re-straightened. This is not a problem I have when using a GHD, which keeps my hair straight until I next wash it. Many people don't mind straightening their hair or using heated tools every day, but it's not something I want to do for various reasons - lack of energy (#spoonieproblems), damage to my hair, lack of time etc etc.

The price point on this product is fantastic - it costs $119.20, which is roughly half the price of a GHD. That is hard to argue with, especially as the only negative (in my opinion) and let's face it, it isn't huge, is the fact that it needs to be used daily to keep hair straight. However, this may just be my hair so don't let that put you off if it is something that you don't mind doing or regularly do anyway. Overall, I think this is a pretty great product!

Do you use styling irons regularly? Have you heard of this product before? I'd love to hear your thoughts & recommendations in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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This Styling Iron was sent to me from Irresistible Me. My review, as always, is completely honest and completely my own opinion. You can always count on me for honesty!

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