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All opinions on this site are entirely my own. I will always give my honest opinion on products, but please remember that it is exactly that - my opinion, not fact. I cannot guarantee that a product that I love and works for me, will work for you. You may love a product that I don't and vice versa - that's okay!

Unless clearly stated, all products that I post about are bought with my own money (or by my lovely husband/family/friends). If I write about a product that was sent to me, I will clearly state it by saying that it was sent to me. However please be assured that a product being sent to me will not alter my opinion on it - I will always be completely honest and my opinion cannot be bought. Also, please be mindful that there is a difference between a sponsored post (where a blogger has been paid by a company to write a post) and a post which features p.r. samples (where the blogger is under no obligation to write a review or even mention the products). I will only review products that I feel appropriate to my blog and its readers. Please see ASAI rules for bloggers in Ireland here

I try to link to all products that I have mentioned for your convenience but please feel free not to use them if you prefer not to use affiliate links as some links will be affiliated. There is no extra cost to the reader if you decide to purchase a product through the link and no obligation on you to do so. I only use "no-follow" links on products that have been gifted to me and will refuse any request for follow links.

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