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Saturday 7 March 2015

My Top 5 make-up brushes featuring MAC, Nars, Sigma, Bobbi Brown & Real Techniques

I have so many brushes in my collection, but find that I tend to reach for the same few repeatedly and thought I would share my top 5 and most used brushes with you today.


Thursday 5 March 2015

Contouring made easy! Smashbox Step by Step Contour Stick Trio review

I generally use powder products to contour and I previously reviewed the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit here, which I love but I found that I was not using the highlight powders. Also with my skin being so dry, I was keen to try a cream contour but wasn't very excited about any cream contour products I had seen until I saw Tati from Glam Life Guru use this Smashbox Step by Step Contour Stick Trio set.


Wednesday 4 March 2015

Marc Jacobs Lolita palette - a dreamy palette!

Eyeshadow palette addicts unite & take a look at one of the most stunning palettes you'll have ever seen! I'm talking about the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Plush Eyeshadow Palette in The Lolita to give it its correct title. I first heard about this product about 18 months ago & I thought that it was absolutely beautiful, but it is not sold in Ireland so I thought I had no chance of getting my hands on it unless I went to the States. I had kind of resigned myself to not owning it any time soon & tried to put it to the back of my mind telling myself that I didn't actually need another eyeshadow palette, let alone another neutral one, however I knew that if the opportunity to own it ever came my way, I would pounce on it! That is exactly what I did when I saw it on Rose's Beauty Store. Now this palette is definitely not cheap, so I did hesitate (for all of 10 seconds!), but decided to take the plunge anyway because I had wanted it for so long and when it arrived (around 9 days after despatch), I was delighted I had ordered it.


Tuesday 3 March 2015

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil Review

I have been really enjoying using Sarah Chapman's Morning & Overnight Facials recently, which are serum-oils but they are quite expensive so I knew that they would not become a permanent part of my everyday routine.I would definitely like to have a bottle of the Overnight Facial in my stash, buy cannot afford to use it every night. I love the results they give, so I decided that I should look for another product that might emulate the results & I stumbled across Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil on Feel Unique and decided to give it a go. I have used the Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm previously & repurchased it several times, so I already knew that I liked the range. Again, it is not the cheapest but it is certainly more affordable than the Skinesis range. The Oil is €42.16 or £31 for a 30ml bottle. The bottle has a pipette, which I love as it means I will use just the right amount of product.


Monday 2 March 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Palette - in my top 3 palettes of all time!

When the Too Faced chocolate palette was first released, it was an eye-watering €63 so I immediately told myself that I didn't need or want it. However, I read so many great things about it so I still sneakily kept me eye on it and when I recently saw it on the Debenhams for €44 and then there was a further €5 discount, I decided it was time to buy it!

This palette is all kinds of amazing and it is definitely one of my favourite palettes in my collection - that is a major statement from me because I have 22 eyeshadow palettes in my stash! I love the packaging - it is a tin, like the Naked 2 & 3 palettes, so would be perfect for travelling as the shadows are well protected. It looks like a big bar of chocolate & before I bought this, I did wonder if I would want a bar of chocolate every time I used it, due to the design & scent (it smells like chocolate!), but I haven't had a craving so far. There is quite a large mirror inside the lid, which I like too.

There are 16 shadows in this palette and they are a mixture of mattes & shimmers. The great thing about this palette is that the shadows are not just neutrals - there are some nice pops of colour in there including Cherry Cordial & Candied Violet. The first shadow that stood out to me was Creme Brulee - this shadow is simply stunning. It is a beautiful bronzey-gold & I love to pair it with Gilded Ganache in the crease. My husband commented on my eye make-up the first time I wore this  combination & said it really made my eyes pop & the whites of eyes looked whiter!

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