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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Some new additions to the Ecooking line up that you need to know about!


Ecooking, Ecooking Essence Lotion Review, Ecooking Hair Oil Review, Ecooking Heat Protection Review, Ecooking Summer Glow Lotion Review
All of these products were kindly sent to me, without obligation.

*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

One of my favourite brand discoveries over the past few years, has been Eccoking, which is a Danish brand, founded in the kitchen of Tina Søgaard, who decided to make her own range of products when she couldn't find any products that were working for her skin. I'm lucky enough to have been sent several products, but I have also repeatedly repurchased several products also. When they released more products, back in August, I was lucky enough to be sent most of them to try and am ready to share my thoughts today. In the photo above, I had just received them - they look a little more used now!


Friday, 15 October 2021

The Vitamin C Edit.....


The Vitamin C Edit, Omorovicza Illumineye C Review, Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C Serum Review, Dermalogica Biolumin-C Gel Moisturiser Review, Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum Review

*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

Vitamin C is a non-negotiable ingredient for me, however it has taken a long time to find the right products, and the right balance of use, as my skin used to react so badly to it - inflammation and a burning feeling. I felt like giving up on it at one point, because I just couldn't find the right products, but I persevered because of the brightening results it gives, and my skin is naturally dull (due to being so dry), so I knew that I had to find a way to incorporate it into my routine. I'm glad I did, because I now have products that I can use on a daily basis! Today, I want to share my absolute favourite Vitamin C products, that really make a very noticeable difference to my skin, without any adverse reactions. 


Wednesday, 13 October 2021

How to make luxury bags and accessories shopping more affordable and what you don't need more than one of

How to make luxury bags and accessories shopping more affordable and what you don't need more than one of


*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

As well as beauty, luxury bags (much more so than luxury fashion), are my thing. I don't have a massive collection and my aim would be to build up a curated collection of classic bags that fit my wardrobe/style, rather than aim for owning lots of bags, for the sake of it. I'm not a fashion blogger, I don't get gifted bags from brands, they're just something that I love. I've always loved them and think they can elevate an inexpensive outfit. If you take care of them, they will last for years and still look as good as new, although some look even better with age. Today, I want to share my top tips for making savings, should you want to get into the luxury market.


Monday, 11 October 2021

Some of my sickbed purchases.......

Sickbed purchases

*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

I'll begin by saying that I had planned on a no-spend September (!!!), but the combination of some birthday money/vouchers and basically being bedridden, resulted in this haul, plus some of it was bought in August! It's a looooooong time since I bought so many things so close together (I used to do a lot of hauls when I first started blogging!), but as a blogger, I do think that it's good to spend your own money on products, rather than just writing about products you've received in P.R. - I know that's what I prefer to read anyway - a good mixture! I suppose I went a little wild but I probably won't buy much for the rest of the year (I say as I see a lot of the holiday sets being released......!). After what I've been through, I've no need to justify making any purchases  - I'm just glad to be alive to be able to use them! So, on to what I bought and why...... (Oh and remember to use the code LYMIN at checkout on Look Fantastic to save 20% - I use it every time and it will generally work on most products/brands, unless they are already reduced).


Wednesday, 6 October 2021

The best solution based products......

The best solution based products


I can't say that I only have one skin issue, because I'd be lying! I have several, but by keeping on top of my skincare routine, you may not notice them, but consistency is key for me. If I'm inconsistent, it shows in my skin, even more so as we age (sorry to tell all you people in your early 20s). I personally am not interested in going down the botox or fillers route - but each to their own, and never say never. Instead, I depend on effective products to keep my skin looking its best and I'm going to share some of them with you today.


Monday, 4 October 2021

Some recent skincare additions that have stolen my heart......


October skincare loves
All of these products, apart from the Then I Met You Cleansing Balm and By Terry Moisturiser, have been kindly sent to me, without obligation.

I'm lucky enough to be sent products (although I do turn down more than I accept), which I am under no obligation to post about. I like that there is no obligation, as it takes pressure off, although I have no problem sharing negative reviews, if I don't like a product - I will say why it doesn't work for me, rather than say a product is just bad! Over the past few months, I've received a variety of products, which I've been testing (some for longer than others) and these are the ones I have enjoyed using  the most.


Saturday, 2 October 2021

My current haircare lineup that has my hair in the best condition its been in for years.....


Haircare, Kérastase Blond Absolu Range Review, Kérastase Genesis Defense Thermique Review, Kérastase Fresh After After Dry Shampoo
Anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

Since losing so much of my hair last year post-Covid, I've been on a mission to get my hair into good condition and keep it that way, and I'm happy to say that I've achieved that - I was really worried when I got infected again in August, but this time around, I didn't lose any hair. My hair has grown so much (I can see regrowth around my hairline) and I basically just need a trim when I am due a haircut, because my split ends are at a minimum. It's years since I've been so happy with my hair, and since it has been in such good condition, so I thought that I would share the products that I am using regularly with you today in case your hair is brittle, falling out or just generally in bad condition. It might look like this post is sponsored by Kérastase but it isn't (I wish!) - it's just a brand that I love and have used for over 20 years.

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