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I'm Siobhán, a total beauty fanatic. I've loved beauty and skincare products for as long as I can remember! I have shopaholic tendencies but my justification is that there are worse vices than beauty! I'm always on the hunt for the latest best product even though I am a big fan of classic products such as Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I'm like the Sahara - dry skin, dry hair and a dry sense of humour!

I'm also a Lyme warrior and have had Chronic Lyme Disease for almost 20 years (mis-diagnosed for many of those years). I started this blog as a distraction from my illness and treatment and simply because beauty is my favourite topic! I will also include some health topics from time to time. Please read here where I share some of my story. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! 

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at beautylyme@gmail.com or tweet me @Beautylymin


  1. I'm so sorry to read that you have Chronic Lyme Disease Siobhan. I don't totally understand what this means for you, but did Google it to try and get an idea. I'm really glad that you have found distraction with your blog. What a fab blog it is too. : ) xxxx

  2. Lyme disease sounds awful....I had not heard about it until I heard Yolanda Hadid had it too x

  3. Sending love to my fellow beauty lovin lymie ��


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