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Friday 14 June 2024

Sol De Janeiro Perfume Mist Discovery Set Review

Sol De Janeiro Perfume Mist Discovery Set Review

I love when brands release discovery sets for their fragrances, but they are usually mini vials that you get maybe two or three sprays from. Sol De Janeiro has bucked the trend with this set of five 30ml bottles of their perfume mists. The set is priced at £40, which I think is pretty good value for 150ml of fragrance. Today I want to share my thoughts on the scents with you and tell you which one)s) I would repurchase in full size.

On the back of the box it says that Cheirosa means to smell incredibly delicious, which is the ultimate compliment to give in Brazil (where the brand is from) and is the inspiration for all of their perfume mists. With a perfume mist, I tend to spray it all over my body, rather than just on my wrists and behind my ears. as I would with regular fragrances.

The perfume mists are all numbered, with 62 being the one that most people are familiar with as it's the scent of their famous Bum Bum Cream. It smells of a combination of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla - rich and powerful and when layered with the body cream and other products of the same scent, lasts for hours on the skin. I find that this scent lingers on clothes such as scarves, and is still detectable when next worn. 

40 is also quite a rich scent as it has notes of musk, vanilla and black amber plum. It's sweet but also lightly floral, which prevents it from being too heavy. If you buy this set and find any of the scents to be too heavy, the best thing to do is spray it on your clothes rather than on your skin and it won't seem so overwhelming. 

59 is a little bit lighter than the previous two, with notes of plum, sugared violet, vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver. It has some warmth but not as much as the previous ones because it also smells fresh and isn't at all cloying. This is definitely one that I would layer with the body cream to enhance the fragrance. It's feminine and floral but not sickly sweet.

68 is a light, floral scent with notes of jasmine and dragonfruit, but also a hint of vanilla. It's different from the other fragrances from the brand because it's much lighter and I also find that it needs to be reapplied throughout the day. It really invigorates but isn't at all sharp - it's definitely more subtle than the other perfume mists in the set,

87 is very much a holiday fragrance, with notes of coconut, ylang ylang, tuberose, vanilla and amber. I don't find it too cloying and think it would be ideal on holiday, sprayed on clothes that you might put on during the day or layer up with in the evening. It's an affordable alternative to Soleil Blanc, Bronze Goddess and fragrance in that realm. 

Which one sounds most to your taste? I'd love to hear!

Available from Sephora, Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic.

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