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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Brand Focus #8: Too Faced

It's brand focus time again (check out my other brand focus posts here) and this month it's Too Faced. I know that this is a brand is quite divisive due to the kitsch packaging but I would urge you to get past the packaging if it isn't to your taste, because the majority of the products are excellent quality - the eyeshadows being some of my favourites ever.


Primer:  Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is a silicone-free, coconut water infused primer that adds some hydration to the skin to create a plump, even and smooth base. I love that it comes in a plastic tube with a pump so that I can get every last drop out. It isn't as moisturising as other primers in my collection but it is ideal for normal-dry/dehydrated skin and it doesn't feel like there is a layer of product on the skin.

Foundation: Born This Way Foundation is described as an undetectable medium to full coverage foundation. I agree with the coverage claims but I cannot agree that it is undetectable - to be honest, I fail to see how a foundation can be undetectable on the skin if it provides full coverage. That being said, it doesn't have a mask-like finish and it doesn't actually feel very heavy on the skin and the inclusion of coconut water means that it doesn't feel drying. I find that it diffuses the look of my pores and fine lines and it has what I would describe as a radiant finish, rather than dewy. It is also very long-lasting and it doesn't oxidise so if medium-full coverage is your thing, this foundation is one you should try!

Concealer: Born This Way Concealer is a hydrating concealer that gives medium coverage, with a lightweight texture and a radiant finish, which is perfect for my dry skin. I love to use it on my under eye area, where it brightens without settling into fine lines and it doesn't break down or crease at all. I really love this concealer and would recommend it to anybody with dry skin, especially.

Bronzer: There are seven (yes, seven!) bronzers available in varying shades and finishes. I have a mini of the Chocolate Bronzer, which is a matte bronzer - perfect for contouring although it could obviously be used to add colour all over the face. It is the perfect shade for me as it isn't too orange but also doesn't look muddy, whilst being very pigmented. My favourite part is that it smells of chocolate!

Blush: I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Blush Wardrobe, which contains all 6 shades of the Love Flush blushes. These blushes are very pigmented, have a smooth texture and are very long-lasting (although I've never tested the 16 hour wear claim!). I also have the Sweet Peach Glow Face Palette, which contains a blush, highlighter and bronzer. The bronzer doesn't show up on my skin but I adore the peachy blush in this palette - again it has that same soft texture that is a dream to apply to the cheeks. Overall, I really rate and recommend the blushes.


Eyeshadow: Now this is where Too Faced sets itself apart from other brands because their shadows are really fantastic in terms of pigmentation, texture, blendability and staying power. I own A LOT of eyeshadows but I would put Too Faced shadows in my top 3 brands. The love affair started with the Chocolate Bar palette, which remains one of my favourite palettes - it contains 16 shadows; a mix of mattes and shimmers and I just adore the rich tones within this palette. I then purchased the Semi-Sweet palette, which I actually don't use as often as I should and I think it's because the black broke in transit to me (my best friend bought it in the U.S. before it was available this side of the Atlantic) and every time I open it, I'm disappointed about that because it ruined the pale pink shade below it. I need to get over it and use it more though because I love the shade range and texture. The Sweet Peach palette contains 18 shadows and has been one of my most reached for palettes over the last few months as the peach, pink and bronze tones are perfect for the warmer months and I love the green shade in there too. It smells of peaches too, so instantly makes me think of summer! Again, the quality is top notch, like the other two palettes. I feel that the timing of the release of the Sweet Peach range did it a dis-service because the colours are more suited to summer and the eyeshadow palette was released at the end of December! I really love that Too Faced include a step by step guide to creating looks with each palette, which is really helpful for those of us without the creative minds or abilities of makeup artists! All of these palettes retail at £39.50/€47, which isn't cheap but the quality is better than Urban Decay, in my opinion and you get a larger number of shadows for that price. I also own the Natural Matte Neutral Eyeshadow palette, which is the perfect everyday palette for matte eye lovers and an alternative to Kat Von D's Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette - the shadows are buttery soft in texture & all very wearable shades. Speaking of Kat Von D, there was a collaboration between the two brands late last year and although I am a big fan of both brands, I didn't buy anything but I had my eye on the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection Gift Set. Their most recent release was the Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette, which contains a whopping 30 eyeshadows but is priced at £52/€62, which I personally couldn't justify spending when I already own so many eyeshadows but maybe if I rack up enough points on my Debenhams reward card, it might ease the pain of the purchase!

Mascara: I have tried two Too Faced mascaras - the first is Lash Injection and the second is Better Than Sex. The former was an epic disappointment (I think it has been discontinued) as it literally did nothing for my lashes and the latter is one of my favourite mascaras that I have repurchased numerous times but just happen to be out of at the minute - hence it not being pictured above. I hate the name but love the voluminous, dramatic look it gives my lashes without any smudging or crispy lashes. I highly recommend it if you like the false lash look.


Lip Pencils: I had two of these twist up lip pencils and loved how pigmented and creamy they were, which made them very comfortable to wear. I had Perfect Nude and Perfect Pink and used both of them up but they are no longer available to purchase on the Debenhams site so I haven't been able to repurchase. If I could, I would!

Melted Liquified Longwear Lipstick: I own one lipstick from this range and whilst I like it, I am not tempted to buy any more. It's pigmented and pretty long-lasting without being drying and comfortable to wear - the only reason I won't buy another one is because I prefer the matte version.

Melted Matte Lipstick: Although I am not the biggest matte liquid lipstick fan, I can make an exception for this range. It is non-drying but long-lasting, very pigmented and doesn't settle into any fine lines on the lips. This liquid lipstick is comfortable to wear and doesn't flake or crumble when topped up after around 5 hours. The matte doesn't look too flat and overall, I find this to be one of the most flattering liquid lipsticks I have tried so I will definitely be adding more shades to my collection!

If you couldn't tell already, my favourite Too Faced products are the eyeshadows and if you have yet to try anything the brand, I recommend that you start with these. I love their Christmas sets where you can buy mini sizes of products or kits with blushes, eyeshadows and bronzers in one. They are definitely worth keeping your eye out for. I have yet to try any of the brow products, eye liners, lip glosses, regular lipsticks or individual highlighters from the brand so if you have, I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments section. Are you a fan of Too Faced?

Thanks for reading!

All products are bought by me, unless otherwise stated. I bought all of these products myself. Opinion is always my own.

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