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Wednesday 23 February 2022

FOREO UFO 2 - a game changer?


FOREO UFO 2 - a game changer

I've been intrigued by the FOREO UFO since I first saw it, and then began to read reviews on it, which made me want to try it even more. I was very fortunate to be offered the latest one (UFO 2) in recent months, and after describing my skin, I was also kindly sent some masks (and have since bought a different box too). Calling it a game changer may sound dramatic, but if you read on, you'll see why I believe that there are several reasons why it is.

So, what exactly is the UFO 2, and what's so special about it? It's an LED Thermo-Activated Mask, which takes only 90 seconds to work. Think about how long it usually takes you to apply a mask, then. let it work, and then remove it - you're talking at least 20 minutes, right?  This mask is brilliant for people who just simply don't have 20 minutes to spare to pamper themselves, anyone getting ready for a big day or night out, who wants to give their skin some quick t.l.c. that will bring the glow, busy parents, people who work shifts and don't have the time when they get home to spend an age on their skincare routine, but want to look like they did, people who are very ill, low on energy, or self-isolating, and still want to take care of their skin, but don't have the energy or inclination to do so. It would also be ideal for holidays, or long flights. The list goes on....

A product is only special if it works, and it most definitely does. You may have noticed that posts have been thin on the ground here recently - I had a bad sinus infection, then I got Covid again! Whilst initially, it didn't seem as bad as when I'd had it previously, I took a turn for the worse recently, which was quite scary, yet one of the first things my mother said when she saw me was that my skin was glowing! I knew it was down to the UFO 2, and the variety of masks that I'd been using.

I already had the app downloaded, and I added my device to it. Here, you can store your date of purchase (for warranty purposes), which masks you're using and when, and there are also instructions on how to use it and how to care for it, both of which couldn't be simpler.

Each mask is saturated in product (like a mini sheet mask), and you apply by removing the plastic ring, placing it on the disc and then clipping the ring back in. Then, you press the button to turn it on, and glide across the face (on dry skin), in circular motions. You will feel the heat initially (don't worry, it won't burn the skin), then it vibrates and the light changes colour, to let you know that it's moving on to the next step, before a final buzz to let you know that it's finished. 

I find the heated part very soothing but, equally, the cooling cryotherapy, which helps to de-puff the skin, is very relaxing. It's all done in less than two minutes, then you massage in any excess product from the mask, rinse the device in warm water, and you're done!

There's a vast range of masks available, depending on your skin type. I have dry skin, prone to dullness, which also has some texture, so I was kindly sent the following masks (each box contains 6 masks): Green Tea, which is for purifying the skin. I found this soothing and it also reduced some redness in my skin. I used this when I knew that my period was due any day, as that's when I'm most likely to get a spot, but I didn't, which I was very pleased about because when you're ill and feeling crappy, a spot appearing can just feel like the last straw (dramatic, I know!). I was also sent the Coconut Oil masks - these are for dehydrated skin, which mine certainly is at the best of times, but particularly when on medication that dried every part of me, but also when your skincare routine is minimal. These masks really did inject my skin with some much needed hydration, and bring the glow! Next up is the H2Overdose mask, which is SUPER hydrating, packed with hyaluronic acid and other humectants. This really packs a punch in terms of hydrating the skin, and adding dewiness. This looks like you've spent a good 60 minutes pampering your skin, rather than 90 seconds. This would be ideal for brides to use in the lead up to their wedding, and the night before. Finally, I was so hooked on the masks that I was gifted, that I decided to buy another box and went for Youth Junkie, which are collagen-enriched masks, that leave the skin looking plump, feeling hydrated and less fatigued - everything I need at the moment!

It's difficult to say which mask I love the most, as they are all delivering what I need at the moment. The device itself is a game changer for me, simply because my skin can be pampered (with real results), in less than 2 minutes, plus the results last. It's also hygienic, which is something that I love about silicone skin tools, plus each charge gives 40 uses. Because it's small (yet not so tiny that it will slip out of your hand), it will be ideal for travelling, plus it's waterproof, so if you're in a real hurry, you can have a facial in the shower! What's not to love about the UFO 2? It's an investment initially, but the warranty lasts 2 years, and I can see the device lasting a lot longer than that.

If you can't tell, I'm smitten! I love skincare, as you know, but it takes a lot to impress me this much, and if I (God forbid) lost it, left it behind me somewhere, I'd happily spend my own money replacing it. My other masks have not had a look in since this arrived!

I'd love to hear your thoughts? Have you tried it? Do you like the sound of facial results in less than 2 minutes?

Thanks for reading!

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