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Tuesday 9 January 2024

Lancôme Absolue Skincare Review

Lancôme Absolue Skincare Review
The products in this photo were kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

The first product that I tried from this range was the serum and it absolutely blew me away, so when I was fortunate enough to receive some products last year that promoted a GWP, which Lancôme are notoriously generous for, I was absolutely delighted! The luxurious range is based on the combination of innovative science and French Grand Rose Extracts, which results in not just visible improvements but also a beautiful experience while using the products. The rose extracts are exclusive to the brand and comprise of a trio of roses, which help the skin to regenerate itself. They are the Lancôme Rose (focuses on regeneration), the Centifolia Rose (focuses on repair and uses between three and five tonnes of rose petals to produce a single drop)  and Rose Damascena (focuses on inflammation).  You can see why the range is so exclusive and expensive when so much work, time and science is dedicated to it.

Absolue Cleansing Oil in Gel*: This is a truly beautiful cleanser that has a gel texture, which transforms into an oil that breaks down all makeup, grime and SPF.  It leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, soft and comfortable. For those who usually prefer a balm cleanser, I'd still recommend giving this a try because it leaves the skin so clean and not at all stripped.

Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Rose Lotion*: This is the perfect product to use after cleansing because it adds hydration and skin feels revitalized upon application. It immediately leaves the skin glowing and feeling soft and smooth.

Absolue The Serum*: This is just the most dreamy product that is so effective! It firms, plumps and smooths the skin to leave it looking youthful, glowing and lifted. I only have minis at the moment but when I was using the full size, I don't know if I've ever had more compliments on my skin because it just looked more bouncy, supple and elasticized. It's expensive, but worth it, and refills are available. The texture is beautiful because it absorbs immediately upon application and doesn't pill at all. 

Absolue Soft Cream*: An elite moisturiser with a beautiful texture that melts into the skin in an instant to leave skin feeling super nourished, velvety soft and plump. I love that the moisturised feeling lasts on the skin as opposed to some moisturisers, which feel hydrating initially but the feeling dissipates after a few hours. This is great to use all year round because it doesn't leave a film on the skin and is an ideal base for makeup but also leaves skin looking and feeling juicy on no-makeup days.

Absolue Precious Cells Intense Revitalizing Eye Cream*: I know that some people are not fans of eye creams but I think they just haven't found the right one. I am firmly in the pro-eye cream bracket and this is one of the best I have tried, It has a rich texture but doesn't cause milia and it melts into the skin to leave the eye are looking firmer and smoother. A little goes a long way with this.

Overall, this is one of the very best skincare ranges I have used and I would put the products in my top three ranges that I have ever used. For reference, I have dry (and therefore, naturally dull) and maturing skin and I find that this range gives my skin a more youthful look, a glow and generally more supple and firmer skin.

I'd love to hear if you have tried the range or if you are interested in trying it?

Thanks for reading!

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