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Monday 8 June 2020

The brand I can't get enough of at the moment: Neom

The brand I can't get enough of at the moment: Neom, Neom discount code, Look Fantastic Discount Cod

For me, a real treat is a nice bath product, a candle, hand cream body lotion etc. People tell me that I am difficult to buy for but it's honestly simple things like these that I love the most! I spend a lot of time at home, due to illness, which is why lockdown hasn't been too difficult for me, but even if you are a person who leads a very busy life, there's something so nice about coming home to a beautifully scented home or even just applying a nice hand cream. One brand that I have tried a few products from before, is Neom and in recent weeks, I have bought quite a few products because my LYMIN code works for 20% off on Look Fantastic. It's valid until the end of June so I'm taking advantage of the code before it expires (although I am going to ask for it to be extended!). I want to talk you through some of the products today and why I'm so obsessed with them!

It actually started with Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter, which I bought because I am in a desperate way with pain. It's in my muscles, joints and bones, from head to toe, and while I am on a combination on pain medications, they only dull it and the pain is taking its toll. I know that a body butter is not going to do more than prescribed medication, but I am pretty desperate and I thought, if nothing else, I'd enjoy the scent. It has quite a rich texture that needs some effort being massaged in so I sometimes have to ask my husband to help. It can be used all over the body but I am mainly using it on my legs and arms. The scent is absolutely beautiful - it contains English lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine, and the instruction is to inhale and do 'mindful breathing' whilst it's being applied. The scent is definitely relaxing and perfect for unwinding and it's even better if you are lucky enough to have someone else to apply it but, if not, just applying it on your chest and arms by yourself will give give your some comfort and allow you to inhale the scent. It combines some really nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, coconut oil and grapeseed oil and a little goes a long way with it. Don't forget to use the LYMIN code to save 20% if you decide to buy it.

In conjunction with this, I use Perfect Night's Sleep Hand Balm, which isn't the cheapest at £9 for only 30ml but the discount code can also be used on this. I have been flying through hand creams over the past few months so I try to keep this one for bedtime. It contains Lavender, Chamomile and Patchouli, which is a really relaxing blend that definitely helps me to drift off and the cream itself is nourishing, without being greasy. This would make a gorgeous gift for anyone who is unwell, having trouble sleeping or who is in hospital.  Don't forget to use the LYMIN code to save 20% if you decide to buy it.

Neom Happiness Candle review & discount code

A few weeks ago,  I need a new candle or diffuser ( both really) and I couldn't resist buying Neom's Happiness Candle. At the time, there was an offer on whereby there was a free Neom Happiness Diffuser Refill free when you spent a certain amount. I decided to buy the candle and Happiness Diffuser so that I could avail of the free refill. I've had candles from the brand before and I love them - they fill the room with scent, even when not lit, without being overpowering, and they melt evenly. This particular scent combination is beautiful - it combines lemon, white neroli and mimosa, which is quite refreshing but also uplifting without being too sharp or zesty. I love having the scent throughout the house as I have the candle in the sitting room, the diffuser in the bedroom and I put the refill in the empty diffuser in the room my husband is working from. I love that the scent is running throughout the house, although I am tempted to get the Bedtime Hero candle for our bedroom and t move that diffuser to the hall.

The final product I have is the Bedtime Hero Bath Foam, which is out of stock at the moment but there are other products from this line still in stock so it is bound to be back soon. This is my second bottle of this bath foam because I just adore the scent - it combines Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood along with marshmallow, coconut oil, aloe leaf, sweet almond oil and 11 relaxing essential oils. Just a few drops of this fills my bathroom with fragrance and the bath with bubbles but they don't strip my skin. I lie back and just breathe in the scent, while letting the heat of the water help my pain. Again, this would make a gorgeous gift and the 20% saving helps t make it more affordable.

I am so tempted to buy one of the Wellbeing diffusers and some essential oils as although expensive initially, it would save money in the long run. Plus my LYMIN code also works on these at the moment so maybe I should indulge while I can even though I had kinda promised myself that I'd have a spend-free June! 20% is a good saving though! Decisions, decisions!

Have you tried any Neom products and if you have, are there any you would recommend? If you haven't are you tempted to try any of these? If so, don't forget to use the code LYMIN at checkout to save 20%!

Thanks for reading! 

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