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Wednesday 3 June 2020

Fenty Beauty cream cheek products - worth the hype?

Fenty Beauty cream cheek products - worth the hype?

When Fenty Beauty launched on to the market, they changed the game and so many other brands have been playing catch up ever since. The brand is inclusive but also pretty budget-friendly, given the quality. Usually brands that are owned by a celebrity aren't the best quality but it's the name that sells them, not so in this case. Rihanna has done a fantastic job with her beauty brand, which was initially exclusive to Harvey Nicholls but is now (thankfully) available in Boots in the UK and Ireland and also in Sephora. When I heard that the latest release was going to be cream cheek products, I didn't even think twice about ordering or even waiting until the stores were open gain to swatch because I'm in lockdown until August 10th, due to my health condition. So I took my chances and ordered a bronzer and blush, which I have been testing to share my thoughts with you!

In this post (Products that I wish hadn't been discontinued), I mentioned that the YSL Les Sahariennes Cream Bronzer was my favourite cream bronzer and although I have one or two others, they don't live up to the YSL one, which is why I was keen to order the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer. I had no idea which shade to order as I hadn't bought the powder bronzer, which was released last year as I must have around 20/25 bronzer (totally ridiculous, I know!). I took a chance on 3. Macchiato and when it arrived, I feared that it may have been a tad too dark but upon use, I have found it to be the perfect shade. This cream bronzer is the closest I have found to the YSL one that I previously loved, in terms of texture. It blends into the skin to look natural, feels as light as air and builds beautifully. I am using it as a traditional bronzer rather than a contour, which works best with this warm shade. It instantly makes me look healthier without looking tangoed and it doesn't disturb my base underneath, although I have also worn it on no makeup days, just to warm up my complexion and it has (almost) made me look heathy - a miracle after all I've been through and continue to go through, health-wise. I have tried using a beauty sponge with this and a few brushes but the one that works the very best is Scott Barnes Flawless Face Brush, which just makes it mesh with the skin for a seamless finish. If you need a new bronzer, please don't let the cream aspect put you off if you are unused to them as it is so easy to work with and doesn't feel or look greasy on the skin. There are seven shades available - some look more suited to contouring so you may want to wait until you can get in store to see them but the swatch photos on the site, give a pretty good indication of the actual shades.

Fenty Beauty cream cheek products - worth the hype?, Fenty Macchiato Swatch, Fenty Petal Poppin Swatch
Swatches are completely unedited.

Now on to the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush, of which there are 10 shades available. I chose Petal Poppin' but was very close to Strawberry Dip as those are the shades I am most naturally drawn to. I was surprised at how small it was when it arrived and I think that this will be a blush that I hit pan on! When I initially swatched the blush, I was surprised by how sheer it was but this is actually a good thing as it's buildable and, again, doesn't disturb any of my base makeup. For application, I find the Tati Blendiful (review here) to work best as I can build easily with it or fix other aspects of my makeup to ensure that all of my base products mesh. It also doesn't absorb too much of the product (which is a good thing give how small the pot is) but, most importantly, I can build the colour with it. I have a real soft spot for cream blushes and this is one of the best ones I have used in terms of blendability, longevity and for just giving life to the skin!

Both get a big thumbs up from me and I'm looking forward to being able to get to a counter to see more Fenty products as the only other products I own from the brand are the hydrating foundation  (review here) and liquid liner, both of which I love.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Anything you'd recommend to me? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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