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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Serums currently on rotation: Origins, Elemental Herbology, Omorovicza & Sarah Chapman

I think at this stage we have established that I am a skincare junkie! I'm a face mask addict and I love a good cleanser but at the moment, I am really enjoying the serums that I have in my collection. Today I am going to share with you the serums that I currently have on rotation and why I reach for each one depending on what I think my skin needs on any given day. I haven't included Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair because I have already blogged about it so often and I think we all know by now that it is a given in my skincare routine! So let's get started!

Elemental Herbology Cell Food: This is a recent addition to my skincare collection. I had wanted to try it for a while and when I saw it reduced to half price in the Elemental Herbology sale, I snapped it up. This is described as being suited to dull and stressed skin and I am prone to both problems at times. It contains Soya Protein and Pomegranate Extract, which help with cell renewal and vitamins A, C and E, which have anti-aging properties. It also contains aloe vera, which calms and soothes the skin. It has a milky texture and smells very refreshing and uplifting. The bottle comes with a pipette so I dispense 2/3 drops into my hand and then apply upwards over my neck and face before applying my moisturiser. It is very light in texture and absorbs immediately. I have been reaching for this when my skin has been feeling aggravated and I have loved how soothing it feels and also how hydrating it is. I would highly recommend it to anybody with reactive skin.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum: I received a mini bottle of this in a gift set that I bought in the sales and loved it so much that I splurged on a full size. This bottle comes with a pump dispenser and 2 full pumps is enough to cover my entire face and neck. This serum is slightly creamier in texture to the Elemental Herbology one but still absorbs quickly. It is extremely hydrating but non-greasy and my skin looks very plump and is soft to touch when I use this in conjunction with the matching moisturiser. My skin feels bouncier to touch when I use this serum so I think if I were to use this exclusively, I would see an improvement in firmness but my skin isn't particularly slack yet - those with mature skin would love this. I really love the Plantscription range - it is expensive but very much worth it if you have very dry and dehydrated skin.

Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum: This is the most expensive of the bunch and I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift for Christmas. I really love how gentle Omorovicza products are - they really suit my sensitive skin. Like other Omorovicza products, this contains Hungarian Thermal Water and this makes the products extremely soothing on the skin. They are an absolute treat for those with sensitive skin like mine. This serum contains collodial gold, which is anti-inflammatory - perfect for reactive skin. It also contains Vitamin C and polypeptides to help with elasticity and collagen production. It absorbs immediately but the hydrating & plumping effects can be felt for hours afterwards and my skin is very soft to touch and looks quite radiant when I use this - no mean feat when you are taking 10 antibiotics daily!  I am enjoying using this serum but think I will notice the benefits even more in summer when my skin is more dehydrated so I will use it sparingly until then.

Sarah Chapman Hydrating Booster: I have blogged about this a few times before so if you have read those posts, you will know that I love this serum. This serum is completely different to the others in texture - it feels like liquid silk. My skin drinks this up but feels hydrated all day when I use it. It delivers a powerful punch of hydration and causes absolutely no reaction in my sensitive skin. When I use this, my skin feels and looks as though I have used a moisturising mask. It is oil-free, yet moisturises like an oil would. It is very light in texture and is so comfortable on the skin - like a hug for the skin. I feel that this will be forever repurchased because I couldn't imagine being without it as it is what I reach for when my skin is dry, stressed, sore and dehydrated and it remedies all situations! I dropped a bottle into a bath full of water on Sunday and am truly gutted but I have already repurchased because I panicked slightly at the thoughts of being without it!

All four products are quite pricey but I think that if I have a really effective serum, I could use a more budget-friendly moisturiser as I feel that the serum does more work. Do you use serums? I'd love to hear your favourites in the comments below? 

Thanks for reading!

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