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Saturday 10 September 2022

L'Oreal Professional Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask review

L'Oreal Professional Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask review

You probably know at this stage that I'm a bit fanatical about taking care of my hair. When I first became ill with Lyme Disease, I lost around 50% of my hair density, then when Covid first hit, my hair fell out in clumps. It recovered by using the right products and lots of T.L.C. (post here), but I've had Covid 6 times and my hair growth has started again in recent months. On top of that, I have naturally dry and frizzy hair and live in a hard water area, which can affect both the condition and colour of my hair. I pay a lot to get my hair coloured, so I want to ensure that it's going to last and I use products to prevent brassiness. My hairdresser is a balayage and general colour expert, constantly up-skilling and training, so when she used a new product on me in the salon, I decided to buy the at home duo. L'Oreal Professional Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask are two at home products (an oil has been recently added), that can be used to remove build up of mineral deposits in the hair, which cause brassiness. There is also a product in the salon, which cannot be purchased to use at home. This is something that can be used before your colour, or you could go to your salon and use it as a standalone treatment, which will revive your colour. You don't have to be blonde or balayaged, it works on all hair colours.

We know that purple shampoos work on blonde hair, green shampoo works on brunettes and sometimes blue shampoo - depending on how dark your hair is. These shampoos temporarily lift any brassiness by counteracting the colour and refreshing the blonde/brown tones in your hair.  What Metal Detox does to remove the brassiness is remove the metal (copper from old pipes) and minerals, and this gives the hair a clean, toned, refreshed look in a different way. It is not designed to be used weekly, as my hairdresser said that this would actually have the opposite effect and you would get build up, so once every 3/4 weeks is ample (depending on how often you get your hair coloured).

Most people will have metal and mineral build up in their water pipes, and this water can weaken the hair. We have a water softener, which has reduced the frequency with which we've had to replace appliances, however our area is particularly well known for hard water, so the softener can only do so much. 

The in salon treatment begins with a spray on treatment, which begins the metal detox regime. As I said, this can be done as a standalone treatment, in which case your stylist would massage this into the hair and then you would go to the basin for a follow up shampoo and mask. Alternatively, it can be sprayed on before your colour is applied and then the follow up is the same when the colour is ready.

The first time I had it done, the first thing I noticed at the basin was the beautiful scent of the products (but all L'Oreal products smell amazing), then the mask was applied and when it was rinsed through, my hair was easier to comb through, but most importantly, I could instantly see how much "cleaner" my colour was. There were no signs of brassiness and it honestly looked as though I had had my entire head of hair done, rather than just the roots. My hair also felt so soft and smooth that I chose not to have waves put in as I was enjoying the silkiness of my hair.

I have also used the shampoo and mask at home and each time, without fail, I'm astounded by the results. I would recommend this duo to everyone. Your hair doesn't have to be blonde or balayaged - warm tones or dullness will be removed from brunettes or red hair. It's definitely a rage for everyone. If you're unsure about buying the products, have it done in a salon first and then you can decide if you think it's worth it, but I'm willing to bet you will!

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