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Monday 12 August 2019

The K-Beauty brand you need to know about: d'Alba Cosmetics

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One of the best things about writing a beauty blog is being introduced to brands that I may not have tried otherwise. Today I'm talking about one of those brands: d'Alba Cosmetics, which is a Korean premium skincare brand. My love of K-Beauty brands is well documented on the blog but what makes d'Alba different from other Korean brands is that it uses white truffle, from Italy in its products. The area of Italy that this is truffle is taken from is actually named d'Alba and it also means dawn in Italian, reflecting that, the products aim to bring your skin to life. I was most intrigued by the range because when I read about white truffle, it is said to be anti-inflammatory, which definitely appeals to me as my skin is easily irritated and inflamed. It also helps to repair skin, is high in Vitamin C and B12, B3 and Niacin, all of which help to brighten the skin and even skin tone. I was kindly sent four products, which I have been trialling and want to share my thoughts with you today.

In terms of skincare, there are four ranges developed to focus on different skin types and needs. I was sent two from the Peptide No-Sebum range and two from the 7:33 Bathroom range, The former is best suited to those with sensitive and combination skin and the latter is targeted at busy people, with products that aim to eliminate the need for a lot of elaborate steps.

Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner: I always use an acid toner after cleansing but it is generally an AHA toner. This one is comprised of BHAs, which penetrate the pores more deeply than AHAs and are generally more suited to oily skin for this reason. This product aims to exfoliate the skin, however it isn't at all harsh due to the anti-inflammatory white truffle and also the hydrating and elasticizing amino acids it contains. I used a cotton pad to apply this all over my face and neck and what I found strange was that it almost foaming on my skin. I've said many, many times before that my skin is very dry so I really don't think that this product is best suited to my skin - it would perform much better on oily or combination skin. That being said, I love that it didn't irritate my skin at all, didn't tingle like some acid products can and it did prevent any under skin bumps from forming along my jawline. I think that one of my oily-skinned friends would love this as it doesn't strip the skin so those who are oily, yet dehydrated would probably enjoy this toner.

Peptide No-Sebum Repair Cream: From the name, I expected that this might be a rich cream, however it's a pretty lightweight lotion. Lotions aren't usually nourishing enough for my dry skin but I liked how this product felt hydrating and it sank in immediately without leaving my skin feeling parched. I have been using this as part of my morning skincare routine and found that on very humid days (remember those hot, sunny days? A distant memory as it is lashing rain as I write this), this was perfect as it wasn't heavy or greasy. Now that the weather is less humid, I need to add a drop or two of oil to it for my skin to feel sufficiently nourished and supple. Again, this contains white truffle and it also contains low molecular peptides, which helps the product to absorb quickly. Like the toner, I think this product is most suited to those with combination skin or oily, but dehydrated skin however it did surprise me 

7:33 Bathroom First Spray Mist Serum: This is my favourite product that I have tried from the brand as I think it is perfectly suited to my skin. It is a bi-phase product so it's important to shake it well before using.  It contains avocado and sunflower seed, among others combined with chia seed extract, bifida ferment lysate and other moisturising ingredients. Depending on your skin type, this could replace the need for a separate serum and moisturiser, however because my skin is so dry, I use it as a serum with a moisturiser on top but I also use it throughout the day if my skin feels tight. Although it contains oils, it doesn't actually feel overly oily or greasy on the skin. It just instantly makes my skin more comfortable and plump. The mist action isn't the finest but it works well when sprayed from a distance and once the bottle is shaken well to combine the ingredients. I will definitely be using every last drop of this. I can see why it is their best selling product.

7:33 Bathroom Fantastic Waterfull Mask: This product really intrigued me as I've never tried a spray mask before. It contains a number of hyaluronic acid formulas in different sizes, which allow for deeper penetration and hydration. To use, it's important to shake well and then just spray on to the face. It has a gel texture so it isn't too runny and is fine to use in the shower or while brushing your teeth etc as it won't slip off the face. It takes only 3-5 minutes to work and then is rinsed with warm water so it's ideal for a quick fix in the morning when you wake up and are faced with dull, dry or hungover skin. I find that when I rinse this, my skin feels really comfortable and hydrated, looks plump and fresh. It wouldn't necessarily replace any of my moisturising masks but for a quick fix, it's a great product and would be ideal for busy people who don't have much spare time to treat their skin. I also think it's a great alternative to a sheet mask as I find it annoying that they slide off the face if you use them while doing other things.

Overall,  I've enjoyed using the products and am keen to try more from the brand. I especially love the sound of their Essence Sun Cream and White Truffle Range.

Is this a brand that you are familiar with? Are you a fan of K-Beauty in general? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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