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Thursday 7 November 2019

Oskia Liquid Mask Lactic Acid Micro-peel review

Oskia Liquid Mask Lactic Acid Micro-peel review

Oskia is one of my favourite skincare brand. I have probably only tried half of their products but have yet to find a dud. You can read my thoughts on some other products from the brand here and here. When I saw that they released a liquid mask, I was instantly curious. My skin responds well to Lactic Acid, which is a gentle AHA and I also love overnight masks, so I decided to go ahead and purchase it.

This mask contains 10% Lactic Acid, which is the highest % allowed by the EU. Lactic Acid will gently exfoliate to reveal smoother and brighter skin but this mask also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients because my Sahara-like skin really needs products packed with HA. Regular readers will know that I also love Niacinamide because it helps to strengthen the skin's barrier, improves hyperpigmentation, gently exfoliates and improves the appearance of pores. (Read post here). Also in the ingredient line up are Red Snow and Black Carrot extracts, both of which protect the skin against free radicals and as with most of the Oskia lineup, it contains MSM, which acts as an inflammatory for the skin. I have sensitive/reactive skin so I do have to be careful with acids but I know when I see Niacinamide in a lineup, I have less chance of an adverse reaction.

This mask can be used in two ways, depending on how accustomed you are to acids. I personally apply a layer at as part of my evening routine, after cleansing and then I wait around 5-10 minutes before following with a moisturiser or hydrating overnight mask. It has a pipette dispenser and is a very runny liquid so you need to act fast so that it doesn't run off your face. It is bright pink in colour but doesn't appear pink on the skin so you don't look like you're flushed or bleeding! My skin always looks brighter and almost translucent the morning after use. It also feels smooth and soft. I don't experience any tingling with it but if you are new to acids or nervous about leaving an acid product on overnight, this can be used as a traditional mask, which is washed after 10/15 minutes.

I have been using this 2/3 times weekly and am loving the results - bright, smooth skin with refined pores. It's the perfect product to use if you find glycolic acid products a bit too harsh or active on your skin. It's also a great product to use in preparation for an occasion when you want to look your best as makeup applies more evenly and it take very little effort to prep your skin.

Have you tried this? Does your skin like Lactic Acid?

Available from Oskia, Space NK, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

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