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Monday 4 May 2020

Products I wish hadn't been discontinued

Products I wish hadn't been discontinued

Don't just you just hate when you find your perfect product and keep repurchasing it only to find that the brand has decided to discontinue it and you never quite find another product that lives up to it? Yes? Well, That's what today's post is all about - products I'm still not over being discontinued up to 10/12 years later and I really want to hear what products are on your list?

Armani Hydra Glow Foundation: My ultimate favourite foundation OF ALL TIME! This foundation was like magic and would take skin from drab to fab in a few drops. It wasn't overly glowy or wet looking - just a healthy glow. It gave medium coverage that was buildable. It blended like a dream, even with just fingers, didn't settle into fine lines or pores and didn't disappear. It was literally perfect and I repurchased time and time again until one day I couldn't see it on the counter. I was in Paris at the time and asked the sales assistant in my broken French! She could see my horror when she said that it was no more and went through her drawers and to the stock room and came back with 3 bottles, all of which I took. I then phoned around and checked online when I got home and couldn't find any more. Actually, I broke my rule and bought a bottle on eBay (I would never normally recommend buying makeup on there) and paid way over the odds but was delighted to have one more bottle. Even now when I look back at photos of that time, I still pine for that foundation!

Pout Lip Gloss: I don't know if any old-schoolers remember this brand - maybe it was (P)out? But they had the most tingly lip gloss that I LOVED! It seemed to make lips look fuller and I loved the menthol flavour. There are similar on the market at the moment but that was the original and the best!

MAC Varneesh Lip Laquer: I wore this on my wedding day as I absolutely hated lipsticks back then. It was a gorgeous peachy shade with a fine gold shimmer running through it - similar to Chantecaille Lucky Lip Gloss but more pigmented and more beautiful. Again, I went through tubes of this until one day it wasn't available and I was gutted! I'd love a tube for old times sake that I wouldn't even use - just keep!

MAC Pro Longwear Oh Honey Lip Liner: MAC seem to have discontinued the Pro Longwear liner range, which is a real shame as that formula was much nicer than the original. Huda Beauty Lip Pencils have a similar formula, which I love, but it's this particular shade that I will really miss as it matched my favourite nude lipstick perfectly. 

Benefit Moon Beam: I think that this is discontinued as I can't find it anywhere! Again, I wore this on my wedding day and my MUA asked me to apply it myself as highlighters weren't really a thing back then (2005). It was a golden shade that was so easy to apply and blend. I wore it non-stop back in the day. I do like High Beam but would love Moon Beam to make a comeback.

YSL Les Sahariennes Cream Bronzer: The best cream bronzer, hands down! I am so gutted that this is discontinued as it blended into the skin so easily to look really natural - it's one of the products I miss most from my makeup collection!

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick No1 Nude Beige: I know they have replaced the original line with a shine version but this particular shade and formula was my perfect lipstick and most favourite ever! 

Too Faced Born This Way Radiant Concealer: I *think* this has been discontinued now that the new Sculpting version has been released but I loved the radiant aspect of this one for my dry skin under-eye area so I'm hoping they bring it back!

Biotherm Drain Choc: This was a brilliant product for water retention. I found it in Douglas in Germany when I was there for medical treatment that left me with a lot of retention. I used to buy a few bottles each time I went and on one visit, it wasn't on the shelf. I asked the sales assistant and she said it had been discontinued but she would check the stock room - she came back with 8 bottles and I took them all!

Now that my whinge is over, tell me your favourite products that have been discontinued - I would really love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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