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Sunday 24 May 2020

3 treats for 3 budgets

3 treats for 3 budgets, Dr Dennis Gross Peed Pads, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand Peachgasm, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent

I know that some people are not shopping at all since lockdown and others have been shopping non-stop. I'm somewhere in between. We have to remember that there are still reasons to celebrate - birthdays, graduations, recovering from illness, finishing medical treatment, retirements and more! To be honest, I don't need much encouragement to find a reason to celebrate - take it from someone who, over the years, has spent a lot of time bedridden and, even longer, housebound - any day that you can get out of bed is a good day! As I always say in these posts, you really don't need to spend a lot to treat yourself (unless you want to, of course!).

Under £20: Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads (Box of 5 for £19): I've posted about these pads countless times on the blog. I call them my texture erasers! They contain a blend of glycolic, lactic, mandelic, malic and citric acids, as well as Vitamin A and resveratrol. Pad 1 exfoliates the skin and then after a minutes or two, I use pad 2, which balances the skin. It's best to use these at night and be extremely vigilant about SPF the next morning but the result is smooth, soft skin that looks brighter and with refined pores. They're game-changers and I couldn't be without them. They are also available in gentle and regular strengths too. £19.

£20-40Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand Peachgasm: When Hollywood Beauty Light Wand was initially released in 2017, I snapped it up immediately because I am a real sucker for a liquid highlighter and I then went on to repurchase it, which I finished recently. Rather than buy the same shade again, I decided to go for Peachgasm for a change as it had been on my radar since it was released last year. Given the shade, for me, it will work as both a blush and highlighter. It isn't at all glittery, it just gives a luminous finish to the skin and I think it will work especially well in the summer months.  My only bugbear with this product is the applicator - it's very messy and you really must keep a light hand or you will squeeze far too much out initially. If peach isn't a shade that interests you, there are five others available. £29.

£40+: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent: The scent of summer! If I can't go on holiday this year, wearing this will make me feel like I'm on a sunny beach somewhere! With notes of coconut, vanilla, sandalwood and amber, this instantly transports me to warm, humid nights  and a sea breeze. I get a new bottle every year. This is the lightest version as there is an eau de toilette and eau de parfum also so this is one that needs to be re-applied after around 4/5 hours so if I do get out of the house this summer (after August 10th), this will be in my handbag! If you like summer scents, then you must give this a go. £44.

Have any of these caught your eye? Will you be treating yourself this month? I'd love to hear!

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