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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Jo Loves is fast becoming my favourite fragrance brand.....

Jo Loves. Jo Loves is fast becoming my favourite fragrance brand, Jo Loves Pomelo, Jo Loves Orange Butterflies, Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime, Jo Loves White Rose & Lemon Leaves,

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I first wrote about Jo Loves fragrances here, early last year. Since then, the love affair has just consistently grown! If you don't know the background, Jo Loves is actually produced by Jo Malone, who sold her original company to Estée Lauder companies and then, after a period of ill-health, left the company completely. Five years later, fully recovered and ready to rebuild, she started Jo Loves and it has gone from strength to strength. During a visit to Space NK Christmas 2018, I sampled some of her fragrances and was immediately hooked - Jo certainly knows which notes blend well together. I don't have a huge collection, but I want to share what I have with you today, in case you're on the hunt for a new fragrance. I really hope I do the scents some justice as it's difficult to get across just how beautiful they are. The scents just resonate with me. You know how Omorovicza is my favourite skincare brand? Well, Jo Loves fragrances just fit with and work for me in the same way. If I could create a skincare brand that was just perfect for my skin, it would have been Omorovicza. Likewise, if I could have created a fragrance brand that represented me, it would be Jo Loves - the scents speak to me!

Fragrances: All of the fragrances are available in both 50 and 100ml bottles. I like the simple, but classic packaging - black lids, white packaging on clear glass bottles with a red dot. The boxes are pretty simple, white with black logos and a red ribbon around the box.

Pomelo: This was my first foray into the brand and is still one of my favourite scents that I know I will simply have to repurchase when I finish my current bottle! I love invigorating, zesty scents and that is exactly what this is. It combines grapefruit with vetiver and patchouli to create a truly uplifting scent. I get so many compliments when I wear this. It makes me think of holidays, but not in the coconutty, warm sense of other classic summer fragrances.

Orange Butterflies: This was a birthday gift earlier this month and it was perfectly chosen as I love butterflies (they were a theme at our wedding) and I love anything orange-scented. This is a soft, citrus scent as it combines orange blossom, neroli and petitgrain. It smells fresh and fruity, with a hint of sharpness. I also adore the stunning bottle with bronze coloured butterflies on the inside of the back of the bottle.

Mango Thai Lime: Jo's most recent release and another birthday gift. Again, another zesty fragrance that really reminds me of sunny holidays (let's face it, it's the closest I'll get this year!). It combines mango and lime with black pepper and mint - doesn't sound like it should work, but it does! It smells fresh and tropical and reminds me of our time in Trinidad when we got engaged and has given me the urge to go back when this whole Covid thing is over (whenever the hell that is!).

White Rose & Lemon Leaves: I don't know if I can put into words how much I love this scent and this is actually a repurchase because I couldn't be without it. It combines rose oil with lemon peel and cedarwood, for a little bit of depth. It smells, fresh, clean and combines two of my favourite scents - citrus and roses. I really wish I could do this fragrance justice in words, but I can't help but smile when I wear it.

Next on my wish list is Jo by Jo Loves as I had a small samples of it and I loved it plus I love that she designed it for herself, not to mention the red bottle! Or maybe Rose Petal 25, because I just can't resist anything rose-scented.

I find the wear time to be a good 5/6 hours - I can still smell it on my clothes especially, hours after I spray it.

Bath & Body:

White Rose & Lemon Leaves: A Hand & Body Lotion: I love when I have a body lotion to match my fragrance, as layering always makes the scent last longer. I bought this and Pomelo: A Hand & Body Lotion in the recent  Space NK sale. I think that these are now discontinued and replaced with separate hand lotions and body lotions. There are also bath & shower gels available, if you really want to layer even more and I've noticed on the Jo Loves site, that she has now introduced body creams for a more indulgent finish. There are also sets available on her site, which offer some savings.

I have also had a candle in the past and just adored it. The scent wasn't too strong, but still filled the room and, like the fragrances, didn't smell at all synthetic. I'm definitely going to treat myself to the Christmas one this year (can't believe I said the 'C' word) and may buy Log Fires in the meantime.

I know that it's tricky to just blindly choose a fragrance (especially if you don't have a Space NK near you), so I was delighted to see that there is a Discovery Set, which contains 7 X 2ml vials of fragrance, which would be a huge help in choosing which one(s) to buy in the full size. Another option if you feel that the full size bottles are a little outside your reach, is the Paintbrush option, which is only 18ml, but you don't need to use an awful lot as you are just putting it on your wrists/neck, and it's a perfect size for even small handbags. Another option, which I have yet to try, but it really appeals is a body spray, which contains 150ml so as long as you don't go O.T.T . with it, it should last quite a while and it's a nice way to try the fragrances.

Available from Jo Loves, Cult Beauty and Space NK.

Have you tried anything from this brand? What's your favourite fragrance brand? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! 

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