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Tuesday 4 August 2020

Pixi Clarity Collection review

Pixi Clarity Collection review

Regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of Pixi skincare - they're probably the best mid-budget brand that I have tried and they have come a long way from their original Glow Tonic, which you had to phone the store in London to order, way back when! They now have ranges for many skin types and issues, the latest being the Clarity Collection, which is exclusive to Look Fantastic for 1 month. The Clarity Collection is aimed at congested skin but is actually suited to all skin types, as although it contains a number of acids, it isn't harsh on the skin. My LYMIN code works on this collection so don't forget to use that at checkout if you plan on buying any of the products. I want to make it clear that this is pretty much a first impression post after a few uses, rather than my usual 4-6 week trial time, because I wanted to get it to you before the month's exclusivity was up, plus, as luck would have it, I got a spot on my chin so it was the perfect time to test it!

There are four products in the line up and I was lucky enough to be sent all four and a travel size of the tonic, which I will give away on Instagram so keep an eye on there if you'd like to win!

Pixi Clarity Cleanser*: A powerful cleanser, which contains Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids, which sounds as though it might be stripping, but it isn't, because it also contains Aloe Vera. I expected that my skin might be a bit inflamed when using this, but it's anything but. I actually only recently learned that Salicylic Acid is anti-inflammatory, which is surprising, given that it's also an oil soluble exfoliator, which can penetrate pores deeply, which helps prevent blackheads from forming. Lactic and Glycolic Acids are surface exfoliants, so the combination really does help to clarify the skin. I must admit that this cleanser has shocked me as I thought it would be much too harsh for my skin but it will make it into my regular morning routine - not daily, but on rotation. If you have acne-prone skin that is also reactive, you will LOVE this cleanser but, to be honest, I think all skin types would enjoy having it in rotation. £18. Don't forget to use the code LYMIN at the checkout to receive a discount!

Pixi Clarity Tonic*: This also contains the trio of acids that are in the cleanser, so it helps to decongest, exfoliate and renew the texture of the skin. I expected a tingle from this but it's very calming on the skin. It contains anti-oxidants (to protect the skin against environmental aggressors)  and probiotics, which my friend, Doctor Anne, discusses in this video. Given that it clarifies the skin, it's one of the more gentle toners I have tried. £18. Don't forget to use the code LYMIN at the checkout to receive a discount!

Pixi Clarity Concentrate*: This serum has a very watery texture and absorbs quickly into the skin, also layering well with other products. Again, it contains Salicylic Acid, which will penetrate the pores to unclog them, while also eliminating dead skin cells. It also contains Lactic Acid, which is a very gentle AHA, that helps to improve the texture of the skin. For balance, it also contains Aloe Vera, which soothes and calms the skin. Again, no tingling with this product. £26Don't forget to use the code LYMIN at the checkout to receive a discount!

Pixi Clarity Lotion*: This moisturiser also contains Salicylic Acid and it contains Kaolin, which draws out excess oils, but it also contains ceramides so that skin isn't completely dried out. It leaves the skin with a matte finish. This is the only product in the range that isn't for me and that's because my skin is very dry and I need a pretty rich moisturiser. For anyone will oily or combo skin, they'll love it. £24Don't forget to use the code LYMIN at the checkout to receive a discount!

I found that using the cleanser, tonic and concentrate daily, helped to get rid of the spot of my chin within a few days, which I was pretty impressed with as it did so without leaving my skin looking or feeling inflamed, nor was it dried out. I will continue to use those three, but not on a daily basis. That said, those with oily or combination would love these products in their daily routine.

Has anything here caught your eye? Do you think that these products would suit your skin? Don't forget to follow my Instagram for a chance to win the 100ml Clarity Tonic.

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