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Thursday 8 October 2020

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review & Swatches

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review & Swatches

I told myself that I'd bought enough eyeshadow palettes this year and then I saw this beauty from Natasha Denona. I already had her mini Glam palette so, naturally, I wanted the big one when I saw it. I don't have many cool toned shadows but when I wear them, I really like them - they're good for creating a soft look and I enjoyed using the mini version of this palette....... any excuse really! This palette is cool toned, but some shades lean more neutral, which is probably why I get along with it.  I love that she has now decided to release palettes in this size with a £60 price tag, rather than all being over £100, because if we're really honest with ourselves, when do we finish a whole palette (although I almost did on Naked 1 back in the day!). It's still a pricey palette, but definitely a more accessible price point for most people. I like the plastic case and that the names are written under the shadows, but  if there was one thing that I would take from the bigger palettes, is I would add the plastic sleeve, to protect the shadows, but that's just my personal opinion! I've been buying Natasha Denona palettes for around 4 years now (I have tried most products from the brand and eyeshadows and highlighting products are what she does best, everything else is just ok, in my opinion), so you know that I love them, but does this one live up to my expectations?

The palette contains a mixture of mattes and metallics, as with most of her palettes. I love the formula of her metallics because they feel like you're applying a cream shadow and are very forgiving for lids that are not quite as firm as they used to be! The mattes, as always, are some of the best on the market (who remembers the days when matte shadows were powdery and actually made your lids look like they were cracked?!). and the metallics look smooth. All in all, Natasha Denona is right up there with the best, with the quality of her shadows.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches are completely unedited.

Row 1:

Centre Eye Lid:  Rose pink metallic, easy to blend and is pigmented enough to only have to use one dab.

Outer Eye Lid: Medium taupe metallic shade. Again, pigmented and easy to apply and blend.

Inner Corner: Light champagne-peach metallic shade, which is perfect for opening up the inner corner.

Crease: Deep taupe brown matte - ideal for the crease but also for a one sweep shadow as it's creamy and pigmented.

Transition: A very light taupe-grey, which I didn't think I would like but it works perfectly to create a soft look and I like wearing a very black liner to create a contrast.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches are completely unedited.

Row 2:

Smoke:  Warm dark brown matte, pigmented and it applies and blends easily.

Blend:  Light, neutral matte brown that blends out most shades and I would easily wear on its own.

Lash Line: A very deep, smokey brown matte. Ideal to make the lashes look thicker, if you want to go liner-free.

Inner Corner: A warm-champagne metallic. Pigmented and creamy - I love this!

Centre Eye Lid:  A taupe with a grey/silvery undertone metallic. I love how creamy and pigmented this shade is - perfect to apply with your finger.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review & Swatches
Swatches are completely unedited.

Row 3:

Centre Eye Lid: The warmest shade in the palette - a beautiful gold metallic that is a dreamy to apply - either a flat shader brush or your finger will work equally as well.

Outer Eye Lid: A deep brown that leans warm and has a pearlised/satin finish.

Centre Eye Lid: A light rose-gold metallic - again, creamy and a dream to apply.

Outer Eye Lid: I adore this deep olive brown as it really makes my green eyes pop. It has a smooth finish with a very fine, micro-glitter running through it but applies smoothly.

Brow Bone: I adore this peachy-champagne metallic, although wearing something this intense on the brow bone is a bit noughties. It's nice as an inner corner highlight shade or even a one sweep shadow, especially during the summer months.

If you are not sure which shadows work well with others,  this palette is designed so that any three shadows in a row will create an entire look, plus the names obviously help!  You really don't need to be in any way proficient with eye makeup to create a beautiful look, for both day and night, with this palette. Natasha shows examples on her YouTube channel here - one thing I wish she would do though, is use models who aren't around the age of 20, without a line on their face and with perfectly firm lids and skin. Also, it is very rare that she uses a black model - people of colour weren't seen on her channel until around 3 months ago, so it makes it seem like a token gesture. This is an area in which most brands could do better.

Overall, I love this palette and it's the perfect addition to my Natasha Denona collection!

Do you like the look of this palette? Are you more of a warm or cool toned eye look person? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Available from Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Cult Beauty.

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