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Saturday 24 October 2020

Halloween isn't cancelled......

These nails were kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

I keep seeing people online saying that Halloween is cancelled because of the Covid restrictions, but it really isn't - it's just going to be different this year. And, actually, the people moaning most about it being different are possibly those responsible for the fact that we are still in the position we're in - those who won't wear masks, those who have flouted the rules. What they don't grasp, is that the longer and more often they do that, the longer we will be in this position! As a person who has been ill and had her life restricted for over 20 years, I have some tips on staying sane with restrictions in place here, - there have been many times when I could have declared my life as being 'cancelled', due to the number of occasions I have missed, but if you want to celebrate something, you will find a way. Why am I saying all of this? Because, when I was growing up, we lived in a rural area, so there was no trick or treating, but we still had amazing Halloween celebrations....

I know that to those who grew up in urban areas, they couldn't imagine Halloween without trick or treating, but we had a party at home and had so much fun. So I say, that if you like Halloween, still get dressed up and celebrate it! You can play snap apple (one of my brothers always cheated!), toasted marshmallows in front of the fire, apple bobbing, make a homemade barmbrack and maybe put coins in, as well as a ring (all wrapped in foil), which gives kids the incentive of possibly finding some money in their slice. 

We always got dressed up, had party food and played party games and we have great memories of it - we would spend all day waiting for our parents to start the party (which sounds more dramatic than it is, as it gets dark so early), then my uncle would light a small bonfire for us (we had a big garden) and that would be the pinnacle of the night. So, you see, you can still celebrate Halloween in your own house - nothing is cancelled, if you have the right attitude! Also, you can zoom your friends and family, to show your outfits and decorations!

When it comes to dressing up, we always did it as kids, but I never really got into it as I grew up. That being said, maybe if I had the talent of my friend Laura Lou Makeup, I'd get dressed up, not just for the day itself, but the whole week! Thankfully, Kiss Press On Nails* make the manicure end of it very easy as they don't require glue, so there's no commitment! I was kindly sent two pairs: Red Flash Mob and Yellow Next Wave. The Next Wave ones immediately made me think of Moana (I love that film - not very scary, but it's still dressing up!) and Flash Mob made me think of a sexy devil look. Now, I just need to watch Laura's videos and try to create one of the looks!

The nails last for up to a week, but if you are in a job, which requires you to not wear any polish or false nails, they can be quickly removed. They have a gel finish, which looks like a professional manicure and I know that if my niece could visit, she'd want them! There are 30 nails in each pack, a prep pad, nail file and wood stick and they couldn't be easier to apply. At £7.99, they are a bargain and even better, they are buy one pack and get a second pack at half price in Superdrug at the moment!

So, please remember - Halloween isn't cancelled, it's just what you make of it. Like everything else in life!

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Thanks for reading!

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