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Friday 17 December 2021

Last minute Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for all budgets...


Last minute Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for all budgets

I know that this is quite last minute, but a lot of people like to leave their shopping until Christmas week! I know two people who leave it until Christmas Eve - I think I'd come out in a rash (but then again, I have over 20 to buy for!)! Today's post is for all of the last minute shoppers, as there is still time for delivery (just about!), so let's get into it. As always, anything marked with a * was kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

Yardley English Lavender Talc & Soap Collection*:  This is a great Secret Santa gift, or anybody who loves the scent of lavender will really enjoy this gift. This brand does lavender so well - it smells so natural, and as though you are in a lavender field, there's nothing synthetic about this. £8.

Kayali Hand Cream:  I always think that you can't go wrong with a hand cream - I know that it's one of my favourite gifts to receive, especially if it's a fancy one!  This smells absolutely beautiful - a warm vanilla fragrance, and there is a matching fragrance if you want to take it to the next level! The cream itself is light, but nourishing and non-greasy. £13.

Maison Margiela  Replica Hand Cream*:  Another hand cream that is a real treat. I only started to use this brand this time last year, and quickly fell in love, so I was thrilled when this hand cream landed on my doorstep recently. I immediately thought that it would make a great gift for those who love this particular fragrance - Lazy Sunday Morning, or for those who want to try something from the brand, without spending too much. It's a soft fragrance - a blend of roses and musk, which makes it smell both clean and  cosy. A nice treat, without breaking the bank . £20.

Molton Brown Hand Care Gift Set*:  The perfect gift for anyone who loves hand creams (me!), but I think that most people are suffering from dry hands after almost two years of extra hand washing and hand sanitisers, which can be drying. There's 40ml in each tube, so they're perfect for in your handbag, and the three scents are divine: Fiery Pink Pepper, Oramge & Bergamot and Heavenly Gingerlily. All very different, but beautiful blends. These hand creams aren't greasy (my pet hate), but they are nourishing. They are beautifully presented in a box, which can be kept to re-use. I know that I would love to find this set under the tree. £25.

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash*: I've had products from this brand in my collection for around 18 years, and while they might be expensive, the products are worth it. I think that most people probably use budget bath and body products, which is why I think that something like this is a real treat. I've used two bottles of this before, and a little goes a long way. It also doesn't strip the skin, or leave it feeling tight. The scent is a blend of lavender and eucalyptus, which is relaxing with the bonus of helping to clear the sinuses, but don't worry - it isn't too sharp! £29.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Superstar Flawless Foundation Brush*: For something that is used every day (or at least every day that you wear makeup), it's nice to have a pretty foundation brush and this star-shaped one is great for getting into all of the nooks and crannies of the face. I love how densely packed this brush is and it really does apply foundation seamlessly. £30 (currently reduced to £21 on Cult Beauty).

Jo Loves Pink Vetiver A Body Lotion*:  I really don't know if there is a person that knows how to blend notes better than Jo. I am yet to find a fragrance that I don't love. Any fragrance lover would love to find anything from this brand, under the tree is at Christmas. All of the body lotions are light in texture, absorb quickly and easily, and leave the skin feeling very moisturised, and that soft feeling lasts for hours. This particular scent is actually fresh, despite having notes of cumin, cardamom and pink peppercorns, and it lingers on the skin for hours. If you know that the person you're buying for has a favourite fragrance from the brand, the matching body lotion will be a very welcome treat. £40.

Jo Loves Log Fires Candle*: As a candle lover, this brand is one of the best on the market. Even before it's lit, the candle throws off a lot of scent, but it isn't overbearing and smells very authentic. If you have always wanted to have an open fire, but can't, this is the perfect candle for you. It's also ideal for Christmas, when cosying up on the couch, watching films, and pretending you have an open fire. I have had a few of these candles in different fragrances and loved them all! You really can'y go wrong. £55.

Molton Brown Floral & Spicy Bathing Gift Set*: This set is brilliant, because it isn't just for those who have baths, but also those who favour showers too. The scents fill the room with fragrance, lather well, and don't strip the skin. The fragrance blends are beautiful and there is something for all tastes. A little goes a long way, so this trio set will last at least 6 months, if not longer. This brand is so under-rated in terms of how they blend notes - they really are unique. £55.

Jo Malone Starlit Mandarin & Honey:  A limited edition fragrance, just for Christmas. The bottle alone is stunning, with the star design, and gold lid. I love how the limited edition fragrances have different packaging to the rest of the line. This is a very warm fragrance - anything that includes honey will be rich, but it also includes mandarin (as the name suggests), which is sweet, but with a bite, and coumarin, which makes it warm, and then it dries down to a powdery scent. It's quite different to anything in their permanent line and the other limited editions that I have bought over the past few years. I've also noticed that it lasts longer on the skin than most fragrances from the brand, which is something a lot of people complain about. £105.

Jo Loves No. 42 The Flower Shop*:  All of Jo's fragrances are available in both 50 and 100ml bottles. I'm lucky enough to own around six, and as a fragrance lover, I've even repurchased some, which speaks volumes. This one, although being named The Flower Shop, is a modern take on floral, rather than ones you would associate with the '80s! It contains Lily Of The Valley, Peonies, Moss, White Musk and Patchouli, among other notes.  The combination means there is a balance between floral and green, but it does smell like you've just walked into a florists - so fresh and inviting! £115.

Have you finished your shopping yet, or have you even started? I'd love to hear! Mine is all done, wrapped and under the tree! 

Thanks for reading!

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