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Friday 25 August 2023

L'Occitane Verbena Limited Edition Releases 2023 Reviewed

These products were kindly gifted to me, without obligation.

I always look forward to the Limited Edition Verbena releases from L'Occitane and thought that I had missed them this year, but it seems that the release date was a bit later than usual.... just like our summer! I was kindly gifted a number of products from the range and I had to take them on holiday a few weeks ago because they just scream summer and are so invigorating and uplifting. I've thoroughly tested these products and am ready to share my thoughts today. 

Before getting into the review, I have to mention why I love this brand so much. I've mentioned before that I love how committed they are to bio-diversity and sustainability. They know their suppliers by name and have developed long-term relationships with them and this isn't just the case with the verbena suppliers but also with the lavender and shea suppliers among others.

Verbena Carrot Flower Shower Gel:  This was the perfect holiday shower gel and the ideal way to start and end the day! Verbena on its own is a very sparkling and invigorating scent, but the inclusion of carrot flower seeds give it a woody edge so it isn't too sharp. If you aren't normally a fans of citrus scents, I'd encourage you to try to get to a store to smell this range because whilst there's no doubt that it's citrusy, you might appreciate the combination of notes because the carrot flower really does soften the scent and it's definitely one that is unisex. It's so refreshing and the ultimate summer morning body cleanser. The scent fills the room, it lathers well, a little goes a long way and it doesn't strip the skin of moisture.  Also, I love that the scent lingers on the skin.

Verbena Refreshing Body Gel Cream: This was a Godsend on holiday after a day in the sun because the formula is so refreshing. I always love a gel cream in summer because it provides the moisture needed but isn't rich, which means it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave the skin feeling sweaty in the heat! Also, the gel part of the formula cools the skin, which is perfect on humid days. It goes without saying that the scent is sparkling, invigorating and zesty. Paired with the shower gel, the scent lasts all day/evening!

Verbena Carrot Flower Hand Cream: It's well known by regular readers that I adore the hand creams from this brand - I have been using them for years! This small size is perfect for on the go, in your handbag or on your desk - I have hand creams everywhere! What I love most (apart from the scent) is how nourishing these hand creams are without being greasy, so if you need to type, write or use your hands at all immediately after application, you can. Also the scent really lingers!

Verbena Carrot Flower Eau De Toilette: Fresh, citrusy, woody and uplifting - this is the perfect summer fragrance. I wouldn't put in the category of "holiday in a bottle" as it's much more than that. It's perfect for Spring and Summer, but also those warm days that we often get at the beginning of Autumn - basically, once the sun is shining, I love to wear verbena and even if it's dull outside, this is a fragrance that will lift your spirits! I adore it and think that this combination of notes might be one of my favourite limited editions yet!

Verbena Solidarity Balm: This is basically a handbag/desk/bedside essential product because it can be used on the cuticles, elbows, lips and even the hair! Realistically, it can be used anywhere that needs some nourishment! Not only is it a genius little product, but all of the profits from this balm will help finance NGO projects, which are acting to respect biodiversity, which is of huge importance to the brand.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Verbena range! Do you look forward to it every summer? Have you bought any of the products? Are you more a fan of the original or the limited edition ranges?

Thanks for reading!

All products are bought by me, unless otherwise stated. Anything marked with a * has been kindly gifted, without obligation. I don't do sponsored posts. Opinion is always my own. Affiliate links may be used.


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