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Sunday, 3 May 2015

REVIEW: Nails Inc The New White

When I spotted the new range of polishes from Nails Inc, I was really excited because I like the look of pale pastel nails but find pure white to be too harsh for me personally. There are 4 shades in the range: White Horse Street - a pale grey-white, Lilly Road - a pale pink-white, Whitehall - a pale peach-white and Swan Street - a pale mint-white.
Immediately, I wanted Swan Street but it was sold out everywhere so I settled on Lilly Road and Whitehall (I have since ordered Swan Street!). Generally, I love the formulation of Nails Inc polishes although I wasn't too keen on the gel polishes. I really like the sleek new packaging and at €19 euros each, my expectations were high. I bought them from Beautybay when they had an offer on whereby if you bought 2 Nails Inc polishes, you received a 25% discount so it worked out at €28.50 for two. This is still a lot more than I would normally spend on a nail polish because my favourites are Maybelline gel polishes, which are around €6 each.

As you can see from the picture above, the pale colours are milky white so not too harsh and when I applied them to my nails, I found that they actually warmed my skin tone up rather than washed it out. So far, so good BUT (there had to be a but!), they are a bitch to apply! I find that they streak very easily, so I need to apply 3 thin coats which is just a total pain and not what I expected. I absolutely adore the colours, I really do, but I really wish that it didn't take 3 coats to get an even finish. I have tried using a base coat and also not using a base coat to see if it made any difference, but to no avail. As a result, I have very mixed feelings about these polishes. I love the colour, but I don't like that it take so much effort and time to get a decent finish.

Have you tried these polishes and if so, do you have any hints or tips for getting an even finish or to avoid streakiness? Do you like white nail colours?


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  1. The colours are so pretty. I feel the same with Essie Fiji... But so worth the hassle right 😍
    Siobhan xx

  2. I love these shades, so so pretty but at the price I would be very disappointed with the streaky finish and I wouldn't be patient enough to apply so many coats x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I couldn't cope with Fiji and gave it away! It was so beautiful but I could never get an even finish! xx

  4. They definitely test my patience! xx

  5. So in love with the near white/pale shades - they go with absolutely everything and look fabulous whether you have pale skin or a tan! It's a shame about the streaking, but I have found with the more fairer colours this happens often - may very well have to purchase these!


  6. I'm going to keep trying to get the non-streaky finish because I really do love the colours! xx


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