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Monday 2 November 2015

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you will know that I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury's make-up. I adore her eye shadow quads and wear her Filmstar Bronze & Glow practically every time I wear make-up. The lip pencils are second to none and the wonderglow primer is another favourite but when it comes to the skincare products in the range, I have been underwhelmed. I reviewed her Magic Cream earlier in the year (here) and today am sharing my thoughts on her Multi-Miracle Glow

First up, I have to say that the packaging is beautiful, as expected from Charlotte Tilbury. The lid is a beautiful rose gold colour with her CT logo and the product itself is housed in a heavy plastic tub. It contains 100ml of product, which is pretty generous. 

This product is marketed as being a cleanser, mask and balm for "baby soft" skin. It has a very soft, fresh scent - quite similar to Johnson's Baby Lotion, which is a scent that I have always loved. It contains Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil & Camelia Oil, extracts if Frangipani  and Vitamins A, C and E. All of these are geared towards adding hydrating, improving elasticity and combating the signs of ageing - all properties that I look for in my skincare.

I first used this as a cleanser and I have to say that I was pretty underwhelmed. It felt a little tacky on the skin and even after I washed it off, my skin still felt like it has product on it. I then tried using it as a mask and I much preferred it that way. I cleansed and toned, then applied the mask and left for about 20 minutes before washing off and continuing with my usual skincare. My skin felt softer, but not what I would call "baby-soft", however it is not the best hydrating mask I have ever used. I also left it on overnight a few times but I didn't like the tacky feeling on my skin & on my pillow! The third way that this mask can be used it as a balm and again, this is underwhelming. The directions say that this can be used on areas that are in need of extra hydration and small dry patches of skin anywhere on the face and body - elbows, cuticles etc. My main problem with this use is that I fins that it sits on my skin, rather sinks in. 

Overall, I think that this is another disappointment in the Charlotte Tilbury skincare range. I am really disillusioned, especially given that it is priced at €59. There is no doubt that it does add some hydration, but there are more effective products on the market. For me, just like the Miracle Cream Moisturiser,  it just does not live up to the word "miracle". I need to remind myself of this the next time I am tempted by her Goddess Skin Clay Mask! 

Have you tried any products from the Charlotte Tilbury skincare range or are you tempted by these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, especially if you have ever been underwhelmed by a product that you have wanted for a while!

Thanks for reading!

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