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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Five eyeshadow palettes I lusted after, bought but rarely used & why that will change! Featuring Stila, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Lorac and Too Faced

There are a number of reasons for today's post:

1. I am a palette addict & have enough eye shadows to last me a lifetime!
2. I am trying to be more mindful with my spending this year, so I'm "shopping my stash" more.
3. I have been going through my collection looking for Spring-appropriate products.
4. I'm doing my bi-annual make-up cull so had to decide if I wanted to keep these palettes & would actually wear them.

All of the palettes mentioned here today, are ones that I really lusted after and was delighted to finally own, but for some reason were over-looked for newer palettes or ones that I already own. Some have barely been swatched, but there is no way that I can part with any of them because I do actually really love them so I'm going to make myself use them.

Smashbox Full Exposure: When this palette was first released, there were mixed reviews so I didn't jump on it but last year after seeing Chloe Morello do a tutorial using it, I instantly wanted it and ordered it. It is a stunning and very versatile palette, with 7 mattes and 7 shimmers and a double-ended brush. It also comes with a guide for creating looks (I love when palettes come with these!). So why have I not used this palette? I think I bought it at a time when I had a few other new palettes and just reached for those more often. Also, the colours are very similar to so many others that I already have. I am currently really into matte shadows so I am going to make an effort to use this.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette: I'm actually annoyed at myself for not using this more because I absolutely love almost every shadow in this palette! I asked my best friend to buy this in New York for me because it wasn't available to buy here at the time. When it arrived, Licorice had smashed and the other shadows had some black particles all over them. Luckily, the main shadow to be affected was Pink Sugar, which is a shadow that I probably wouldn't use anyway. All of the other shadows are right up my street - warm in tone and buttery in texture. So why have I not used this palette? To be fair, I have used it but not as often as I should. I tend to reach for the original Chocolate Palette more often. I also was wary of smashing the black shadow further but really that is no excuse, so this will be firmly at the front of my palette drawer.

LORAC Pro Palette 2: I fell very hard for the original Pro Palette and it remains to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, so I immediately jumped on the Pro 2 when it was released. The shadows have the same beautiful pigmentation and texture as the original palette, but they are cooler in tone than the original. So why have I not used this palette? I used this palette when I first bought it but it has definitely been neglected over the last year because there are some shadows in there that I'm not crazy about, whereas I have some palettes where I love every single shadow. Having said that, when I took this out again & got swatching, I realised that there are a few shadows which are different from anything else in my collection so I will definitely keep this palette and make an effort to use it more often.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul palette: When Stila released this range of palettes last year, I knew that Soul was the one for me because if the warm, bronze/coppery tones. So why have I not used this palette? I ordered it with some birthday money that I received but it took 6 weeks to reach me - Beauty Bay's delivery service is very hit and miss, and by the time I received it, I was so over it! I put it in my drawer and it was left unloved! That is just ridiculous because I love everything about this palette - from the stunning rose gold packaging, to the range of colours and finishes, the pigmentation and texture of the shadows. Now that I have taken this palette out again, I know that it will be one of my favourites and most worn. I love the mix of shimmers and mattes and there isn't one shadow in there that I won't use.

Laura Mercier Eye Artists Palette: I wanted the original Eye Artists Palette but it sold out before I could get my hands on it, which inevitably made me want it more! Last summer when this was released, I ordered it as soon as it was released. It was pretty expensive at £45, but I guess that's the price you pay for a premium brand and there are 12 X 1 oz shadows in it. So why have I not used this palette? This is based purely on the fact that I bought/received (for my birthday) quite a few palettes around the same time and I was just drawn to the others more, also some pink shadows slightly scare me! I think this palette will be perfect for Spring due to the range of shadows and I will need to play around with this palette to get comfortable with it, but I will definitely use it.

I have now re-arranged all of my palettes & these five now sit at the front on the drawer so will be the first ones I see when I open the drawer. I will make a concerted effort to use these more often because they are all stunning and deserved to be used, also because none of them are exactly cheap so I need to justify spending the money on them!

I'd love to know your thoughts on these palettes? Do you have any of them in your collection? Have you bought products that you love, but just don't use? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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