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Thursday 21 July 2016

Firming masks compared: Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask Vs GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud

So you want firmer skin? Look no further! I am not anti-ageing, in fact I see ageing as a privilege but that doesn't mean that I don't want my skin to look good, no matter what my age. In your 20s, firmer skin isn't a primary concern but once you turn 30, I find that you look for products that will brighten and tighten the skin. Obviously a good daily skincare regime is very important but I find the inclusion of masks really ups the ante. Some masks give immediate results, others do more over time. The two masks in today's post fall into the former category so they would be brilliant to use before a special event/night out/or when you just want to look good & feel better in yourself. They are Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask and GLAMGLOW Gravitymud

Both of  these masks are firming masks but they are completely different in texture and the results are pretty different too. I have already raved about Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask here - I described it as Spanx for the skin because it really feels like Spanx do on your bum/hips/thighs- it smoothes, firms and tightens the skin, but not in an uncomfortable, drying way. The skin is left looking refined, glowing, firm and smooth and also feeling soft. It won't make you look 18 if you are 35 but it will make your skin look like you have just had a facial and give it a youthful glow. My mother is in her 60s and loves this mask and can see a huge difference when she uses it.

GLAMGLOW Gravitymud is completely different to the Omorovicza mud in texture, as you can see in the picture above. It almost has an elastic feel to it but it needs that because it is a peel-off mask. A thick layer is applied (with the brush supplied) all over the face and left on for 20-30 minutes, You need to avoid the hairline and eyebrows because it would be painful removing it otherwise! You will look like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz when you have this on because it is silver - my 3 year old niece was a little freaked out when she saw me with this on because she was afraid that it wouldn't come off but was fascinated when I was peeling it off. A word of warning about this mask - it is quite heavily scented so may not suit extremely sensitive skin types, however I haven't had any adverse reaction to it. This mask feels tight as the times passes but in a different way to the Omorovicza mask - it doesn't feel like it is lifting the skin, despite the Gravitymud name. Having said that, once the mask is removed, the skin looks smooth and feels soft and again looks like I've just had a facial or that I am wearing highlighter! 

If I had to choose between the two, I would say that I prefer the Omorovicza mask due to it having more favourable ingredients and I love the lifting and tightening effect. The GLAMGLOW mask has alcohol high on its list of ingredients, so I tend to use this mask less frequently than the Omorovicza one. That is just my personal preference because both give visible results. The Omorovicza mask is priced at £65 and the GLAMGLOW mask is priced at $69 so neither is exactly cheap. I have yet to find anything that gives results like the Omorovicza mask does so although it is expensive, I will repurchase when I finally finish the pot.

Have you tried either of these masks? What are your favourite skin firming treatments? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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I bought the GLAMGLOW mask and the Omoroviza mask was sent to me for review purposes but the review and opinion is entirely my own.

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