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Sunday 5 November 2017

Jo Malone Christmas 2017 Limited Edition products: Orange Bitters Cologne and Pine & Eucalyptus Candle

Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne, Pine & Eucalyptus Candle, Review, 2017 Christmas Jo Malone

Every year when the Christmas limited edition Jo Malone products are released, I tell myself that I will buy everything something but every year, the products sell out really quickly, plus it's at a time of year when I should be thinking about buying for others so I generally miss out. This year, I happened to be going through Duty Free around the time of the release and managed to bag myself two of the products that I had wanted last year - Orange Bitters Cologne and Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle. It was hard to resist them because of the savings involved!

I bought the products in two different airports but I can let you know the savings involved if you want to buy either of the products yourself. Orange Bitters is priced at £94 or €114 on the high street, but in Duty Free it is priced at £73.60 or €92 plus if you reserve via Click & Collect at The Loop in Dublin, you can save an extra €10 by using the code THELOOP10OFF90, so I was actually able to make a saving of €32 on the perfume.

The Pine & Eucalpytus Home Candle is priced at £45 or €52 on the high street, but in Duty Free it is priced at £35.20 or €43 so you can see that there is quite a saving to be made! Just to be clear, these products were not gifted (I wish!) - I just wanted to share the savings with you! Now on to the products themselves.

I love that Orange Bitters has different labeling and lid to the regular colognes - usually the labels are a pale cream with gold and black accents and a silver lid but this limited edition bottle has a gold lid and orange label. The packaging last year was different and actually a bit prettier in my opinion but at the end of the day, it's what's inside that matters. The cologne itself is, as the name suggests, a citrus scent however it isn't quite as sharp or fresh as you would imagine due to it's woody base notes of sandalwood and amber. It's an unusual fragrance for this time of year but one that I love as it isn't too heavy or warm, making it daytime appropriate. I find that I can only smell it on myself for around 4 hours but others have commented on the scent up to 8 hours after I have applied it. I wish they also sold a body lotion in the same scent to extend the wear time further!

As soon as I smell the Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle, I am instantly transported to my childhood when Christmas trees actually smelt like proper Christmas trees - is it just me who thinks the smell has changed in the same way that strawberries rarely taste of anything other than water these days? Anyway, I digress! I can smell the sweet pine even without lighting the candle - crisp and fresh due to the eucalyptus; it is the perfect Christmas scent. I am not a fan or anything clove or cinnamon scented so I love that there is an alternative winter fragrance out there. The scent fills the room even without being lit so I am looking forward to cosy nights in front of the fire with this candle lit in December.

I am delighted I managed to buy these two products before they sold out! There are also some really great gift sets to suit all budgets (from £22 to £430) in the Christmas gift section here.

Will you be buying any limited edition products this year? What's your favourite type of Christmas candle scent? I'd love to hear!

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