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Friday 27 September 2019

The hype is real #9 Jo Malone fragrances

The hype is real, Jo Malone, Is Jo Malone worth the hype

There is something about Jo Malone fragrances that gets my pulse racing!  I adore the classic cream and black packaging and the scent combinations that work so well together.  I waited years before indulging in some Jo Malone fragrances because they're pretty pricey and I honestly wondered if they could be worth the money and it was actually my husband who bought my first one as he knew I couldn't really justify the cost. Since then, I've been hooked although I will say that the classic Pomegranate Noir is not for me. As with all fragrance brands, it's not a case of one scent suits all tastes but I'm sure that there's at least one fragrance to suit everyone. Their Christmas range excites me every year and I love to both give and receive gifts from the brand.

I have tried a number of products from Jo Malone, including candles, body lotions, body creams, shower gels, bath oils and more and, without doubt, the fragrances are the standout products. The first candle I had left my feeling very underwhelmed as the scent wasn't very strong, however I have had a few more since then and the scent payoff was much better so maybe it depends on the actual fragrance rather than the formula of the candles.

In terms of fragrance, there are colognes and cologne intenses, the latter are usually richer scents and they seem to last longer on my skin. The colognes are available in 30, 50 and 100ml bottles and the intense scents are available in 50 and 100ml bottles. The relatively recent addition of 50ml bottles in both ranges is very welcome as they make the fragrances more affordable and accessible. If you order directly from the Jo Malone website, you can get the bottles engraved, which is a nice touch and I did this when iI ordered for my cousin's 30th birthday, A few times a year, they also offer free gifts as a result of playing a game on their site. The gifts vary from hand cream to 100ml bottles of fragrance so it's worth keeping an eye on the site.

The reason I love the fragrances and think they are worth the hype, is the blend of notes, which always work so well together.. They are never overly sharp or conflicting - it's all about finding the right scent for you. On the site, it breaks the scents down into categories to help you choose the right fragrance for you: citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, spicy and woody.  There is also a fragrance combining section, which helps you decide which ones pair well together to create a different scent.

I am guaranteed to receive a compliment when I wear a Jo Malone fragrance. My personal favourites that I (or my husband) have repurchased many, many times are Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. They are very different with the former being citrusy but not sharp and the latter being quite masculine, They actually layer very well together and both really make me feel invigorated.

Blackberry & Bay is another favourite as it's lightly fruity but with a little sharpness to it, which prevents it from being too sweet. My favourite of the Cologne Intense range is Velvet Rose & Oud as it's rich, deep and decadent. It smells expensive and not how a traditional rose scent is. I especially love to wear this in the colder months.

In Spring, I love to wear English Pear & Freesia as it's fresh and not too sweet - the perfect balance between fruit and floral. One that I love all year round is Basil & Neroli as it is fresh and zingy with a little spicy kick of basil.

I could continue but this post would be a novel! If you have yet to try a Jo Malone fragrance, keep an eye out for their Christmas collection as they usually have a set of minis that can help you decide which is your favourite but also which combination works best on you.

Are you a fan? I'd love to hear!

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