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Monday 4 October 2021

Some recent skincare additions that have stolen my heart......


October skincare loves
All of these products, apart from the Then I Met You Cleansing Balm and By Terry Moisturiser, have been kindly sent to me, without obligation.

I'm lucky enough to be sent products (although I do turn down more than I accept), which I am under no obligation to post about. I like that there is no obligation, as it takes pressure off, although I have no problem sharing negative reviews, if I don't like a product - I will say why it doesn't work for me, rather than say a product is just bad! Over the past few months, I've received a variety of products, which I've been testing (some for longer than others) and these are the ones I have enjoyed using  the most.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream* (use code BTLYMIN21 to get free standard delivery on orders over €50/£50) & Super Multi-Corrective Eye Serum*: (use code ARNLYMIN21 to get free standard delivery in Arnotts when you spend €50/£50). Kiehl's is a brand that I hadn't used for quite a few years, until I was sent a number of products over the summer, and it re-kindled my love for the brand and showed me what Ive been missing, especially with all of the new launches since I last used it. The moisturiser is, without doubt, one of my best discoveries in years! It is described as giving 7 benefits in 1 so, of course, I was initially sceptical . but it has blown me away in terms of results. So what are the 7 benefits?  It's aims are to target 7 signs of visible aging (so those under the age of 30, could try one of their other moisturisers, but once you hit 30, if not, 35, you will see changes in your skin and know that you need to up your skincare game) - the signs that it targets are improving the appearance of firming, lifting, smoothing, evening skin-tone, refining texture, boosting radiance, and hydrating the skin over time. I have to say that this moisturiser lives up to all of the claims - it has wowed me! It has been around for 8 years, but this is an updated version, with the addition of phytomimetic Vitamin A, a source of retintol, which is suitable for sensitive skin, as it doesn't have the irritating side effects that often come with that particular ingredient. It is clinically proven to work within 4 weeks, but obviously more results will be seen with longer term, and consistent use. It also Chaga Mushroom, which is visibly boosts radiance, through its anti-oxidant properties, and Proxylane, which helps to plump, firm, elasticize, and add radiance to the skin. The texture of the cream seems rich upon initial touch, however it melts into the skin, without any pilling. Skin instantly feels smooth, comfortable and plump, plus looks radiant. Over the weeks that I have been using it, I have to say that my skin looks lifted, firm and radiant - I am quite shocked, as my health is appalling at the moment, which usually shows in my skin. I don't like to look at my skin other than my skincare routines when I am this ill, but when I have caught myself in the mirror, I've been very pleasantly surprised at how firm, lifted and radiant my skin looks. This will be a 100% repurchase for me. The eye serum is also as dreamy - it's lightweight, yet it really does have a fantastic smoothing, firming and lifting effect  - I've noticed that concealer and foundation applies more evenly since I have started to use this serum. I usually layer an eye cream over a serum, but it's unnecessary with this product. Another 00% repurchase. I wish that I had discovered these products before now!

Lancôme Absolu Oleo Serum*: I cannot give a complete review of this serum yet, as I've only been using it for a few weeks and I like to test serums, in particular, for a longer period, but it's love already! Now, I will start by saying that this is an expensive product, but  have always advocated for investing in your serum, and saving on other products in your routine, if you are on a budget, I personally wouldn't recommend going into debt for skincare. All of that said, if you can afford this serum (currently reduced in Boots), you won't regret it. The Absolu range has been around since 1965, but this is obviously an upgrade, in terms of ingredients, but also in terms of sustainability, as the bottle is made from recycled glass, and is refillable, which reduces plastic waste. Back to the serum! The new edition includes Skin Longevity Science, which aims to correct aging at a molecular level, by accelerating epidermal cell renewal, leading to plumper, more radiant skin. The key ingredient is Absolu Perpetual Rose ™, which is  an active ingredient, proven to activate AMPK, which decreases aging in the skin. What makes the Perpetual Rose™ unique from other roses, is that it blooms almost continuously throughout the year, rather than once or twice, like regular roses, therefore its function, and benefits are continuous. The texture is a light lotion, but it absorbs and layers well, without any pilling. In the short few weeks that I have been using it, I have seen a general, overall improvement in the appearance of my skin, but also in the radiance. I am looking forward to reporting back with longer-term results.

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm: I really didn't need to buy another cleanser, but balms are my weakness, as they really suit my dry skin. This balm is comprised of a number of oils (olive, sea buckthorn and grapeseed oil), all of which combine to nourish, deeply cleanse, protect the skin barrier. The texture is dreamy - it's a soft balm, and a little goes a long way. It's the perfect first cleanse, to melt away all makeup, spf and grime, leaving the skin smooth, thoroughly cleansed and soft. I need to try more from this brand! 

Omorovicza Queen Cleanser* and Omorovicza Queen Cream*: You can read about both of these products in this post: http://www.beautylymin.com/2021/09/my-most-decadent-at-home-facial.html     I've yet to find a product from this brand that I don't love. These really are decadent treats and a little goes a long way with both. I know that it's an expensive brand, but you can use the code SIOBHAN to save 15% - non-affiliated

By Terry Hyaluronic Global Face Cream:  I had only read/heard reviews from bloggers who had been sent this, so I wanted to try it myself to give a completely unbiased review, and I have used some skincare products from this brand in the past, and loved them, so thought it was worth giving a try (plus there was 25% off when I bought it). I don't think that I have ever come across a moisturiser with eight types of hyaluronic before, so you can just imagine how hydrated the skin is after use, given that hyaluronic acid attracts and holds X 1000 times its weight in moisture. It drenches the skin, without leaving it feeling greasy. I find that it leaves skin looking plump, firm, feeling soft and smooth and works well as a primer, if you apply your base quite quickly after using it.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil*: Another dreamy product from Kiehl's. This oil is just brilliant for melting every bit of makeup off in an instant. It doesn't sting the eyes, doesn't leave a film on the eyes, and really does get rid of every scrap of makeup, without stripping the skin. In fact, because it's an oil, skin is left feeling very comfortable and smooth. Also, a little goes a long way! (use code BTLYMIN21 to get free standard delivery on orders over €50/£50 in Brown Thomas).

Image Daily Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 30*: I don't usually use SPF moisturisers, which is why it has taken me a while to give this a go. At the moment, my life is bed to sofa, with curtains drawn most of the time, or at least one of them, as I find light difficult on my eyes. Now is the perfect time for me to start using this, as SPF 30 (although I use 50 if leaving the house, or on days I'm outside, or with both curtains are pulled back), will probably suffice in winter, and certainly in my current circumstances. It's a physical sunscreen, is hydrating, although takes a little longer to massage in than my regular moisturiser. It offers UVA/UVB protection, helps to fade sun damage, stimulates cellular turnover, which helps to promote more youthful skin. It contains antioxidants, which helps to protect against environmental aggressors. When I'm not wearing makeup, I re-apply liberally throughout the day, but on days where I wear makeup, I top up with an SPF mist. I can totally understand the hype around this moisturiser/spf hybrid.

Ecooking Essence*: This fabulous Danish brand has recently added some new products to its line up (full review coming soon), but I had to try this first, because I love an essence - they make such a difference to my dehydrated skin. This one contains hyaluronic acid, a red alga, organic cucumber water, natural bifida torment, natural caffeine and organic aloe vera. This combination is perfect for post cleansing (patted into the skin), and pre-serum, moisturiser etc. It instantly provides comfort and hydration to the skin, and absorbs quickly, as it's so lightweight. Results are that fine lines are diminished, skin feels fresh, looks plump and feels comfortable. 

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water*: I love this brand, because it was developed as a personal mission to create products that would work on sensitive skin, as the founder couldn't find any that worked, and as a TV anchor, she needed to look good. She partnered with plastic surgeons and has created a fabulous range of products, this being one of them. It can be used in 3 ways: as a cleanser, a toner, and it also improves the efficacy of the products you use afterwards. I use it as a morning cleanse, or as a toner, because it's so gentle, yet effective and was a fantastic product to use at the height of my recent illness, as it really soothed my burning skin. It's product that is well worth having in your stash. (use code BTLYMIN21 to get free standard delivery on orders over €50/£50 in Brown Thomas).

Kiehl's Micro-Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum with Ceramides  and Peptide*:This is another product that I can't give a full review on yet, as it takes a good 8-12 weeks for a retinol product's results to be fully assessed, but what I can tell you so far, it that this is a great product for those who generally avoid retinol due to having a bad reaction to it previously, or who have very sensitive, or reactive skin. The reason for this is the inclusion of pepides and ceramides, which will counteract any peeling or adverse reactions to retinol. I tend to use this at night, but it's said that it can be used in the morning too - just be very careful to keep on top of your SPF. I personally have not experienced any adverse reaction at all - in fact, m skin feels hydrated and smooth, so far. I will give. full review in time. (use code BTLYMIN21 to get free standard delivery on orders over €50/£50 in Brown Thomas).

Have you tried any of these products? Has anything caught your eye?

Thanks for reading!

All products are bought by me, unless otherwise stated. Anything marked with a * has been kindly gifted, without obligation. I don't do sponsored posts. Opinion is always my own. Affiliate links may be used.


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