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Wednesday 13 October 2021

How to make luxury bags and accessories shopping more affordable and what you don't need more than one of

How to make luxury bags and accessories shopping more affordable and what you don't need more than one of


*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

As well as beauty, luxury bags (much more so than luxury fashion), are my thing. I don't have a massive collection and my aim would be to build up a curated collection of classic bags that fit my wardrobe/style, rather than aim for owning lots of bags, for the sake of it. I'm not a fashion blogger, I don't get gifted bags from brands, they're just something that I love. I've always loved them and think they can elevate an inexpensive outfit. If you take care of them, they will last for years and still look as good as new, although some look even better with age. Today, I want to share my top tips for making savings, should you want to get into the luxury market.

Tip Number One: Download Karmanow (it previously had a different name) - this will automatically check for discounts, which will save you having to google for them. I have saved a lot of money by using this! The other great thing about this site, is that you can create a wish list and set alerts for when the products go on sale, or if there is any discount/free shipping, even minimal. P.S. This isn't an ad, I just find that it makes life a lot easier, if there is something that I really want!

Tip Number Two: Sign up for newsletters and create accounts on Far Fetch, Matches Fashion, Brown Thomas, My Theresa, Luisaviaroma, Net A Porter and more. There is usually a discount on your first order - I have a list of links here, which range from 10-15%. Also, if you sign up for an account, you will receive a birthday discount, or loyalty rewards, which give you advance notice to sales and higher discounts.

Tip Number Three: If you are travelling (now that it's permitted again), phone ahead to a store, if they have one in Duty Free, if you have a particular bag in mind, to check the price and see if there is much of a saving. They will usually hold for you, but only 24-48 hours in advance. 

Tip Number Four: Check out authorised re-sellers. I personally would avoid eBay and DePop as there seems to be a lot of scammers on there and people selling fake products. Also, never pay by Friends and Family on Paypal, as you need to be protected. Have a look at Siopa Ella, Designer Exchange, Fashionphile, Sellier Knightsbridge and more. I'd recommend buying from a seller in your own country, to avoid customs/fees etc.

Tip Number Five: Use these sites to sell bags/accessories/clothes/jewellery that you no longer use, which will free up money to buy items on your current wish list, or else just to have some money in your account,

Tip Number Six: There are certain products that you don't need more than one of - card holders and wallets, for example. I'm quite guilty of this myself - well, at least, I was. I stopped when I realised the hassle of swapping all essential items over each time I wanted to use a new wallet.

Tip Number Seven: Try to just buy for your lifestyle, rather than buying into trends. For me, I love crossbody bags, because they suit my life, although some can be worn on my shoulder too. I think I only have one evening bag, in classic black, purely because that's all that I need.

Tip Number Eight: Once you start, it can become quite addictive and you'll find yourself checking the 'new in' section a lot. Try not to do this - a streamlined collection is so much better, than owning lots of bags that you might only wear occasionally. If you have one extreme luxury bag in mind (Chanel, for example), hold tight, sell unwanted items, and keep your eyes on the prize, because you will probably use that one bag a lot more than the others put together.

Those are my tips - nothing groundbreaking really, but they all make sense and will help you to save money overall. They don't just apply to luxury handbags, but anything that you want to build a collection of - even makeup. How many neutral palettes does one person need?? (Guilty!)

Are you interested in luxury fashion, and if so, I'd love to hear your tips and what your favourite bag is?

Thanks for reading!

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