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Sunday 25 September 2022

Some recent fragrance additions


New fragrances Autumn 2022, Prada Paradoxe, D by Diesel, Jo Loves Red Truffle, Aerin Amber Musk, Mugler Alien Goddess, Armani Code Eau De Parfum
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Regular readers will know that I am a fragrance fanatic, so I was delighted to acquire some new ones recently - some gifted and marked with a * and the others are ones that my husband bought for me. I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you today in case you're in the market for a new perfume, or perhaps you're starting your Christmas shopping early - yes, I've said the C word already, but at least it isn't Covid! I have six fragrances in total - one is unisex and one is for men (but I tend to like male fragrances and don't think that there are any strict rules in this regard!). Some are refillable, which I am delighted about and love to see more brands moving in this direction.

Prada Paradoxe*: The latest release from Prada, which you will no doubt have seen on your tv screens, social media - everywhere basically! I love that the bottle is based on the brand's logo, and is meant to stand on its side, meaning it will stand out from other fragrances on your vanity. The brand describe this fragrance as being a "celebration of multi-dimensional self-exploration and expression in perpetual evolution: a woman who is never the same, yet always, uncompromisingly herself" - I love that! Who says that women are complicated? We're just multifaceted! The fragrance itself is stunning - it is lightly floral, fruity, while also being warm and musky, with notes of pear, orange blossom, neroli, vanilla and white musk, among others. It's feminine, without being overly sweet, and a fragrance that others are bound to compliment you on. There is also a 100ml refill available.

D by Diesel*: The first unisex fragrance that I can remember is CK One, which was seen as quite revolutionary at the time. The latest gender fluid offering is this one from Diesel, which is refillable, with a bottle made from 25% post-consumer recycled, clear glass. The notes include lavender and vanilla, which is quite the contrast, but it's the spicy ginger that brings it together, and to life. It's fresh, aromatic, leaning slightly masculine, but definitely doesn't just smell like an aftershave. I would definitely describe it as unisex and one that both my husband and I would share. My fragrance choice changes with my mood/the weather/how I'm feeling in general - sometimes I like a very feminine scent, other times, I like something with more of a masculine edge. This is a great fragrance for anyone to have in their collection. Save 21% by using the code BEAUTYLYMIN if you buy on Look Fantastic.

Jo Loves Red Truffle 21: I've yet to meet a fragrance from this brand that I don't love!  I own half of the fragrances available from this brand, and this is very different to all of the others, although they are all unique. Red Truffle 21 has notes of fig, pine, bitter citrus, and truffle, making it a woody, aromatic, yet fresh fragrance. It's quite sharp initially, but gets softer as it dries down. I really love the pine notes - I don't smell like a Christmas tree, but they work so well with the fig, which is fresh. Overall, this is a stunning fragrance that I can imagine wearing a lot over the coming months.

Aerin Amber Musk: I only have three fragrances from this brand (so far!), but I adore them all. I love how the stone-shaped lids reflect the fragrance inside, with this one being a nude-brown. You know from the name that this is a warm scent, yet it isn't too heavy as it also has notes of coconut water and rose centfolia. It's an ideal fragrance for the colder months, as there's something comforting about it - like a hug in a bottle. All fragrances I have tried from this brand so far are very sophisticated and smell 'expensive' if you know what I mean? They're smooth with well thought out notes that blend effortlessly. Currently reduced on Look Fantastic, but you can save more by using the code BEAUTYLYMIN, reducing it from £150 to £115.64.

Mugler Alien Goddess*: Alien tends to be quite a divisive fragrance - in fact, all Mugler fragrances are, because they are statement scents, which are unashamedly unique and distinct. Alien Goddess was released last year, and refills are now available. This fragrance is both floral and woody, with notes of bergamot essence, coconut water, and vanilla among others. Even if you weren't a fan of the original Alien, I'd urge you to give this a try next time you're at a counter as it's quite different. 

Armani Code Refillable Eau De Parfum*: This is for men, but I wanted to include it as it's also refillable (I'm so pleased that so many more brands are doing this now), and it's a fresh take on the original code. Still masculine and woody, it has notes of bergamot, clary sage and cedarwood among others. It's a very sensual fragrance, without being overpowering, and it's long-lasting on the skin. I love the new bottle, and hope that the other Code variations follow suit in being refillable.

If any of these are available on Look Fantastic, you can save 21% by using the code BEAUTYLYMIN at the checkout.

Do any of these sound like a fragrance you'd enjoy? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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