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Thursday, 9 February 2023

L'Occitane's new Lavender & CBD range will give you a brilliant night's sleep (plus other new releases)

L'Occitane Lavender & CBD range review
These products were kindly gifted to me, without any obligation.

You all know how much I love L'Occitane products - for bath/body/face/hair etc, so when their latest range of Lavender & CBD range was released, I knew that I would be ordering some products. Fortunately for me, I was kindly sent some products from the range and they really couldn't have come at  a better time for me because I had Covid, was feeling rotten and my sleep was very disturbed. I mentioned in this post how well the massage oil has been working for me (my sleep was so deep that I thought I'd woken the next day, rather than a few hours after falling asleep during the day!), so I want to share my thoughts on their other products and new releases today.

This range was specifically released in January (along with some shea butter products) in order to focus on self care, rejuvenation and encouraging calmness after a hectic December. I know that in recent years, CBD in skin and body care products has been a big thing but I never really got into it. Not for any particular reason, but I suppose it was information overload, with everyone saying that so many different products were the best thing ever, so I was a bit overwhelmed! I trust L'Occitane as a brand, so this range instantly appealed to me. There are five products in the line up: a shower gel, a body milk spray, a body massage oil, a multi-tasker mist and a hand & foot cream, so they have us covered from head to toe. I was kindly sent the shower gel and body massage oil, but I know that I'll definitely be repurchasing and also buying the hand and foot cream because I can't resist L'Occitane hand creams. All of the products contain sustainably sourced lavender from Provence, CBD and hemp extract. The shower gel has a rich texture and a little goes a long way with it. I particularly like to use it in the evening, to relax and unwind, and whilst the scent is beautiful, it isn't overwhelming, so even if you aren't the biggest lavender fan, you will probably enjoy this. It lathers well and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry - just nicely cleansed. The body massage oil is not something that you necessarily need another person to use on you - you can very easily massage some into your upper body and arms, to soften the skin, but also to spend a bit of time on self-care. It isn't overly greasy and the pump dispenser is brilliant for ensuring there's no waste, and it honestly has worked wonders for me. I find that I'm having very deep sleeps since I started to use it (even though we've had a very bright moon for around 5 nights, which would ordinarily disturb me).  I can wholeheartedly recommend this range to anyone who needs help unwinding in the evening and who is having disturbed sleep. I know that adding the hand & foot cream will be a great addition, as I use foot cream daily and hand cream several times a day, so it will really add to the experience and would be an ideal product to have on your desk if you find yourself getting overwhelmed at times during the day, as the scent really does help to relax you.

The shea butter range from L'Occitane is vast and one that I instantly associate with the brand, due to loving the hand and body creams. It's a particularly great range to use in the colder months as it's so nourishing and protective. The hand cream is a classic and one that I pretty much always have in my collection because it's so moisturising, keeps my hands soft, and instantly comfortable, but it has been reformulated and is better than ever!  I also love to use the nail and cuticle oil and the application is so easy as it has a little brush, which dispenses a drop onto each nail and then I massage it in to soften my cuticles, but I also find that it strengthens my nails. I tend to do this as part of my evening routine, in addition to when I'm painting my nails and pushing my cuticles back. If you have tried the rich body cream before and found that it was a little *too rich* for your skin, then you will love the rich body lotion, as the texture is a bit lighter but it still nourishes the skin in the same way, to leave it comfortable, nourished, soft and supple.

L'Occitane x Lily & Lionel review

As you probably know, L'Occitane places a huge emphasis on sustainability and they have partnered with another brand with a similar ethos: Lily & Lionel, which is a clothing brand. The collaboration features a refillable bag of their famous Almond Shower Oil, alongside a Lily & Lionel designed forever bottle (made from recyclable aluminium) and a matching reusable gift bag. The pattern is bright, fun and Spring-like. It's made from recycled cotton and can be used in a number of ways - I think that it will be ideal for travelling. It is currently available and would make a gorgeous gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or any other occasion - simply when you want to treat yourself!

Have you tried the Lavender CBD or Shea Butter collections? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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