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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Reading old empties posts made me repurchase these products...


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that's where I share my empties these days. I used to share them on the blog but stopped a few years ago and I find it quick and easy to do on Instagram stories, where I also save to highlights. I'm always completely honest, whether the product was gifted to me or not and will tell you why I love a product, or didn't get on with it. I was looking through some of these posts recently and was reminded of some products that I loved. I don't always repurchase them immediately if I have a similar product to use first, but there were five that stood out to me that I repurchased and have been using and loving.

Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs: I suffer from water retention and this product (plus the oil from the brand), is brilliant at combatting that and helping legs to feel less puffy, heavy and more streamlined.  You apply by starting at the ankles and working upwards, using your thumbs to really get the blood flowing and circulation moving. I find that my legs feel so light afterwards, so this would be ideal for those who are on their feet all day.

Prai Ageless Throat and Decoolletage Serum: The skin on our neck is quite fragile and can show signs of ageing more quickly than other areas, plus a lot of people spend a lot of time looking down at their phones, which leads to lines on their necks much earlier than we would have seen twenty/thirty years ago. This serum really does make a huge difference in the appearance of the skin, plus it contains ingredients which encourage collagen production and increase the elasticity of the skin. It pairs well with any moisturiser without pilling, so I don't think that you necessarily have to use the accompanying moisturiser from the brand. 

By Terry Hyaluronic Global Face Cream: This moisturiser contains eight types of hyaluronic acid, which penetrate the skin at different levels, so it really drenches the skin but doesn't leave it feeling greasy. Instead, skin is plump, firm and soft. It really does leave it looking radiant and it absorbs easily, without any pilling. (Use the code BEAUTYLYMIN to save 21% on Look Fantastic).

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub: I loved this scrub from the very first time I used it! It's so important to take care of our scalps, so I use this by wetting my hair, then I section it and use a small handful to massage into each section to gently exfoliate the scalp. Although it contains a number of oils, it doesn't leave the scalp feeling greasy, but these oils also prevent the skin from being stripped. It's also ideal to use on the body, leaving the skin soft, supple, smooth and nourished. (Save 21% with the code BEAUTYLYMIN on Look Fantastic).

Caudalie Vinotherapist Replenishing Vegan Body Butter: Finally, a body moisturiser (I'm one of those annoying people who moisturises their body daily - I have to because my skin is so dry, it would be scaly if I didn't. I adore the scent of Caudalie products, but also how effective they are. This body butter is best applied to slightly damp skin to seal in moisture. A little goes a long way and you don't feel like you're having a workout by just applying it! It leaves skin feeling nourished and doesn't take an age to absorb!  (Again the code BEAUTYLYMIN will save you 21% on Look Fantastic)

Do you tend to use the same products all of the time and automatically repurchase them, or do you vary what you use? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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