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Monday 25 September 2023

Some new in makeup loves....

New in makeup  Autumn 2023

It's a little while since I bought new makeup but a few things caught my eye recently so I placed a few orders - nothing like my 'hauls' back in the day because I did eventually figure out that I only have one face (plus pretty much ran out of storage space!). I tend not to jump on hyped up products these days and want all of the latest releases, but I'm happy with the products that I bought and thought I'd share them with you today....

Nars Afterglow Blush in Dolce Vita: It's a while since I purchased anything from this brand but it's one that I love and I could easily have bought all of the Afterglow collection as the products look so pretty and easy to wear, but settled on a liquid blush. Orgasm will forever be my favourite blush shade from Nars but I wanted to try something different, so decided on Dolce Vita. It has a doe foot applicator and I dab straight on to my cheeks. On first use I thought that I had applied too much as it's quite pigmented however when blended into the skin (which it does easily), it sheers out for a natural flush of colour (can be layered if. you prefer a more intense look), which makes the skin look juicy and hydrated. The blush itself contains sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates the skin - perfect for Autumn. Not my favourite ever liquid blush but I'm glad I bought it and will use it regularly over the coming months. If you want to purchase this, or any of the other shades, then you can save yourself some money with the code BEAUTYLYMIN on Look Fantastic.

YSL Lash Clash Mascara: I have loved Faux Cils mascara for over 20 years and when I saw that this was released, I was worried that my favourite might be discontinued but fear not, this is just an addition to the mascara lineup! This promises extreme volume, which is something I love! I am very fussy with mascaras - they have to give lots of volume, not smudge, can't leave my lashes feeling crispy and also have to be easy to remove. This mascara ticks all of those boxes and then some! One coat adds the volume that other mascaras take 2/3 coats to achieve, but when you layer (which it does easily, without clumping), lashes are long, dramatic and full of volume! It doesn't smudge on me, even though I have oily lids and watery eyes - a delightful combination! It's the closes I've gotten to false lashes, without actually wearing false lashes or having lash extensions. Currently reduced on Look Fantastic, however can be reduced further by using my BEAUTYLYMIN code at checkout.

Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax: I sometimes find that gel brow products can leave my lashes feeling crispy so decided to give this wax a go, I always associate this brand with brow products, so was pretty confident that I'd love this and I do. It gives great hold without any crispiness and can be used to set brows, add volume, or both! It's so quick and easy to use and dried down so that the brows don't look white!  Save 21% on this and a vast range of brands and products on Look Fantastic with the code BEAUTYLYMIN.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Eye Liner in Olive: I have to say that I have loved every product that I have tried from Victoria Beckham Beauty and I gradually add more products whenever there is a discount code. This liner was on my 'to buy' list for a while and I'm so glad that I bought it and I now know that the hype is real when it comes to her liners. The texture is velvety soft and there is no tugging when applying along the lash line ( or smudged out for a green smokey eye look with minimal effort). The shade works really well with my green eyes, but would also look fab on brown eyes. There is a smudger at one end of the liner, which is a little stiff but doesn't tug on the skin too much and works really well and there is also a pencil sharpener included too. Another win from this brand!

Victoria Beckham Beauty Vast Lash Mascara: I know, I know - I didn't need to buy two mascaras but I can't resist a discount code and free shipping! I've been seeing this in videos and it looked like one I'd love! This has a curved brush, which makes it easy to get right to the base of the lashes and coat every single one. One coat gives volume, but when layered, you have dramatic lashes. I like this look all of the time (except for very minimal makeup days) but some people might prefer this for night-time and a more defined lash look for during the day. If you want dramatic, smudge and flake-free lashes, give this a go!

Morphe X Meredith Duxbury Lip Liner and Lip Glaze Duo: I've watched some of Meredith's TikTok videos and followed her vlogmas on YouTube last year and whilst she's a lot younger than me and her makeup isn't necessarily my style, I like her. I love that she turned her insecurity about her freckles into her USP! Her 10 pumps of foundation look made her famous (although I've seen her let her freckles be visible recently and love that look on her!), so her insecurity actually made her famous! She recently collaborated with Morphe so I decided to buy this lip duo as I really don't need another eyeshadow palette! You know I'm a sucker for a nude lip, so this seemed like a good option. The liner is retractable and soft (I really dislike hard pencils that drag on your lips), however I don't find the pigmentation to be amazing. The lip glaze smells like toffee/caramel and has a beautiful texture - not at all sticky, is pigmented and gives the lips a beautiful full, glossy look. I love it! It's also pretty long-lasting for a gloss. This set is already great value, however you can save 21% with the code BEAUTYLYMIN on Look Fantastic.

Have you bought any new makeup bits recently? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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