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Sunday 4 February 2024

10 hyped beauty products, but are they worth it? #3

10 hyped beauty products, but are they worth it? #3

I find that certain products can be over-hyped (and likewise, some deserve more hype), but in this series I am examining if certain hyped or viral products are worth the hype that they get. I would really love to hear your thoughts and what products didn't live up to the hype for you?

By Terry Baume De Rose: I remember at one point, it was hard to find a YouTuber or beauty blogger who didn't absolutely rave about this lip balm daily whereas now it doesn't get as many mentions - is that down to lack of PR products or have people just moved on to the current 'IT' product? Who knows! I have used this in both pot and tube form and I do like it - it's nourishing and I like the scent, however I have to say that there are now more nourishing balms on the market. I suppose it's personal - I have very dry lips so I need something quite intense but for others whose lips aren't super dry, this would work as an everyday lip balm. Worth the hype? You will find cheaper balms that work just as well but it certainly isn't an awful product.

Olaplex No. 3: My hair hero! I can't emphasise enough the difference that this pre-wash treatment has made to my hair! It has made it stronger, less brittle, there is less breakage and hair loss and less frizz overall. II have balayage so I have bleach in my hair and it's also coloured, so this really helps to maintain the condition of my hair. I think that most people who have used it, love it. You need to be consistent to get the best results. Worth the hype? Hell yes!

Essie Fiji Nail Polish: Every summer this goes viral, although some people wear it all year round, It's a pastel pink with a touch of white mixed in. I think that it would probably suit most skin tones whereas some pale/pastel pinks just don't. I know that some really wash my skin out (even when wearing fake tan!), but this one is a forever favourite for me, especially in summer. I love the formula of Essie polishes and always use a top coat to get around 5 days chip-free wear. Worth the hype? Yes!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I've been using this for around 14 years now and it's an absolute staple in my routine. It strengthens, elasticizes, hydrates, plumps and improves skin tone. It's the kind of product that you can easily take for granted and then stop using for a few weeks and wonder what the hell has happened to your skin because it just looks different - dull, lines appear more visible, skin is less supple. The fact that it's been a staple for me for so long speaks volumes!  Worth the hype? Hell yes!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: I remember a time when everybody raved about this and then it just kind of died off for a while, although I do think that more people tend to get their nails done these days than when blogging was at its peak, so that might explain why. This lives up to it's name because it really does dry your nail polish in an instant. It also gives the nails a high shine finish, which I love. The only con is that when it runs low, it's hard to get to the product at the bottom of the bottle, which is wasteful. Worth the hype? Yes, but I wish the brush was longer so that I could use all of the product!

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye: This wen viral online when a woman showed her before and after of her eye bags and wrinkles, which seemed to just disappear within a few minutes (https://stylecaster.com/beauty/skin-care/1224865/peter-thomas-roth-instant-firmx-eye-tightener-tiktok/), The results were obvious to see. I got a sample in a beauty box and tried it (and also got my husband to try it), and I liked the light texture of it, however despite the results, I absolutely hated the tight feeling and makeup looked awful when applied over it! It pilled and just wouldn't sit right. If you're really bothered by your eye bags and don't wear makeup regularly, then you will love this but it's not for me. I think that everyone has an area that really bothers them (even if others wouldn't notice it) so if eye bags and wrinkles are your issue, try this and you may find a way to make it work for you. Worth the hype? Not for me but I can understand why it gets the hype because it does make a difference.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: I remember the huge hype when this was released and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It's expensive but it does contain two products and it is a premium brand. I remember buying it and hoping it would live up to the hype but did wonder if I would repurchase when I finished it. The answer is that I am now on my third one and for me, it's worth the hype. I love the texture of both the bronzer and highlighter. It's almost impossible to be heavy handed with it and the highlighter is ideal for mature skin as it's buttery soft and doesn't settle into fine lines. It's also a sophisticated shade of highlighter for those who don't want to be seen from outer space! I find that the bronze side gives my face some nice definition, which is what I prefer to full on contoured looks these days. I also adore the packaging (as I do with all of Charlotte's products!) Worth the hype? It's a yes from me!

Vieve Skin Nova: It's brilliant to see a makeup artist do so well with a range of their own products. You can tell that it's absolutely Genevieve's passion and a lot of thought goes into each of her releases. This is a beautiful product. This is not just a primer because it has skincare benefits also, so it can be worn alone to give the skin some glow whilst also hydrating. It's a multi-tasker, it can be worn alone, worn under foundation or even dabbed on over your base for some extra glow. What I really love about it is that the glow it gives is subtle, yet noticeable - definitely no discoball or greasy effect here. Worth the hype? Yes!

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm: It seems like everyone is obsessed with either Laneige lip balms or this brand at the moment! I like both, however I find this one a bit more nourishing, which means that I reach for it more during the day in the colder months. I feel that a lot of thought and effort goes into every product that this brand releases and love that they started with just one product (Jet Lag Mask - another favourite!) rather than a whole range of products. I am yet to try their new lip oil but I'm looking forward to doing so! Worth the hype? Yes!

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops: Finally, a product that is rarely in stock, such is the demand! This is not just a liquid bronzer because it also has skincare benefits and has antioxidant benefits too. It can be used on the face and body, worn alone, under or over your base. It's ideal if you're into under-painting, which became a huge trend last year, but equally it is a great product to use if your face is lighter than your body, to deepen a foundation, to use as you would a traditional bronzer, or to use on your body - you can just mix a few drops with your body lotion. A little goes a long way! Worth the hype? Yes!

Overall, these products are worth the hype for me. Maybe in the next instalment there will be more misses than hits.

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I'd love to hear what products didn't live up their hype for you?

Thanks for reading!

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