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Thursday 6 June 2024

Jo Malone Yuzu Zest Cologne - the perfect summer scent!


Jo Malone Yuzu Zest Cologne - the perfect summer scent!

While going through Duty Free before going on holiday recently, I decided to treat myself to a new fragrance. This is something that my husband & I like to do so that when we smell that scent, we immediately think of that holiday. I knew that Jo Malone had some new releases so I went for that counter and Yuzu Zest immediately caught my attention! It's the perfect summer scent..

This is a citrus scent with a twist. It reminds me of when I layer Lime, Basil and Mandarin with Wood Sage & Sea Salt because it's zesty (as the name suggests) and uplifting but also has a woody twist to it. The notes are Yuzu (which is a citrus fruit), Clary Sage (woody) and Fir Balsam (also woody but fresh too). 

The scents that we associate with summer can sometimes remind us of the scent of SPF or aftersun/pina coladas and I love those too but this one I'd associate with days in the sun because it smells fresh and tropical. There's a place for both types of summer scents in my life and collection of fragrances. It isn't overpowering but does last a good 5/6 hours on the skin. It would be particularly great to wear on hot/humid days because it's so refreshing. We were staying by the sea so I didn't have that muggy feeling, due to the sea breeze. I also think it would be ideal for summer days in the city because the zestiness would help you to stay feeling fresh. 

I love that it isn't too sharp, due to the woody notes, because some citrus fragrances can give me a headache if they don't have other notes for balance. I love the bottle - it's different from the usual JM packaging and the colours are very summery. I love that it's 50ml so it will be fine in hand luggage but I know that I would definitely use a 100ml bottle over the course of the summer months. It lifts the mood because it's so invigorating and definitely puts a spring in my step.

I hope that it's released again next summer, although I know that they tend to have limited editions each year but hopefully it will come back around in time.

What type of scent do you like to wear in summer? I'd love to hear!

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