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Friday 19 July 2019

Recent releases from L'Occitane

Regular readers will know that I am a HUGE fan of L'Occitane.  I've tried their bath and body products, haircare, candles, pillow spray, massage oil and skincare and have yet to find a dud product, which is pretty impressive for a fussy so and so like me! I was instantly intrigued when I heard that they were releasing a line of lipsticks. One of my favourite brands moving into the world of makeup is very exciting. They have added lots of new products to their line up recently and I've been trialling them and want to share my thoughts with you today.


Oil-to-Milk Facial Makeup Remover: Regular readers will remember me raving about the old oil cleanser here and here. L'Occitane have recently streamlined their range of cleansers with some reformulations.  I absolutely love the old version so I was a little worried about the reformulation but I need not have been. It is absolutely every bit as good as the original. A few pumps of this oil massaged all over the face, neck and eyes and every last scrap of makeup is melted. It contains calendula, which is a calming ingredient and it is enriched with immortelle oil as was the previous version, which is a nourishing and anti-aging ingredient. Once I have massaged this in and am happy that all of my makeup and spf has been broken down, I then emulsify it with water, which turns it into a milk and at this point, I rinse thoroughly. My skin is left feeling very clean and calm and without a scrap of waterproof liquid liner. Like its predecessor, this doesn't sting the eyes and it also doesn't leave a film or 'cloudy eyes'. The real bonus is that it's £3 cheaper than the original, coming in at £19 for 200ml and a little goes a long way so this is a great buy. 

Radiance Face Scrub:  There is a new line of scrubs and masks and I chose this one as the others contain shea butter, which although nourishing, it doesn't agree with my skin.  This scrub has a jam like texture and a beautiful light citrus scent, which is due to the pomelo it contains (one of my favourite ever scents). If physical scrubs usually aren't your thing you may still like this one because it is so gentle and it also contains chemical natural fruit acids and to be honest, it doesn't really even feel like a scrub in the traditional sense because it isn't harsh in any way. There is absolutely no chance of skin feeling stripped or torn with this product. I apply it to my face and leave it for around 3 minutes before rinsing with water and massaging as I remove it. Skin is left very smooth and soft, not at all inflamed or red and I find that subsequent products layer well over it. This is the perfect exfoliator for those with sensitive skin. Mini version available for only £4.50.

Lip products: There are some new lip scrubs, lip balms and even lipsticks now! I was kindly sent the following products to try.

Delicious Multi-Balm: This is described as a 3-in-1 product, which can be used as a lip primer, overnight mask and as a traditional balm. It's packed with nourishing ingredients such as carrot and pomegranate and softening pomelo. It feels nice on the lips and I actually prefer it as my night time lip balm rather than my day time one as it's quite rich and I just prefer something lighter for during the day. As an overnight mask, it is really nourishing and I know that I will especially love this in the colder months.

Pink Calisson Tinted Lip Balm: This balm is perfect for daytime wear as it isn't as rich as the multi-balm, however it is still hydrating. It is available in four shades and I am loving this pink as it's ideal for no-makeup days as it just adds a hint of colour and a little bit of shine. 

Fruity Lipstick: These lipsticks contain some of the same nourishing ingredients as the multi-balm but they also contain fruit oils, which result in a light shine on the lips. The pigmentation is moderate but buildable. If you have very dry lips but want more colour than a tinted lip balm can offer, these lipsticks are for you. They are extremely comfortable on the lips and there are eight shades available, ranging from nude to red and purple.

Have any of these piqued your interest? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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